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  1. Invite me to the steam group as well! http://steamcommunity.com/id/potato21/
  2. Hmmm, well either style is fine with me I suppose. Personally I'd prefer both options be present in the game (a "use your own gear" and a "here's your gear" approach) but I suppose its too early to really tell which way Double Fine is ultimately going to take it. As long as the gameplay remains similar to whats in the prototype I'll be buying the full version.
  3. They could make some sort of compromise, perhaps all the early monsters in the game are doable with the starter equipment but then from the rewards you get from those you improve your chances for the later ones. Or have part of the game be about building up your equipment stores but at the same time having an NPC that offers you missions where you only get the specific gear he gives you that way at any moment and for any monster you can just go straight in without worrying about what's in your inventory. This way you still get the progression from the one method of questing as well as the jump straight in without worrying about your gear in another quest line. They could even do something goofy with some of the quests given such as everyone in themed costumes that the quest giver for some reason demands, this could also prevent the game from ever getting to easy if you reach late game gear but still want a challenge on earlier monsters since you never level up your stats and these quests would have static gear.
  4. Would making a steam group be another option? There's a groups tab in the friend window on steam that lets you see all your groups. I've never tried it but if anyone knows if you can join people in your groups from in game that would be a faster way to get everyone on each other's list than manually adding friends. If this doesn't work ignore me.
  5. Why not take that idea and run with it a bit further with the various maps having the monster roaming freely (already the prototype kind of has this with the shore and the raised area) and you have to use clues to find it or lure it out (maybe a short puzzle type section inside the cave in the prototype?). I may be biased from my time with Monster Hunter games but I like the no character leveling but more of a focus on improving your equipment load out. Customizing your equipment to suit an environment or monster could add another layer of depth to it rather than always using the same set of equipment. Would make sequential challenges even more engaging if you have to plan out what you're going to bring to fell a couple different monsters, deciding to make one fight a bit tougher to make the next one weaker.
  6. I've played the Souls and Monster Hunter series a lot and this definitely plays like a slightly smoother MH game on the PC. Lock on I'd say shouldn't be in this type of game since even in Dark Souls/Demon's Souls the best way to fight the larger bosses was to unlock on and manually aim your character, something that is ridiculously easier with a mouse than the "claw" needed in MH games. Monster Hunter doesn't even have lock on, which isn't to say this game couldn't have it, I just think it would end up getting in the way on harder difficulties where camera positioning will become essential to success and having the game lock on to a certain part of a giant monster will end up getting one killed (think the Gaping Dragon in Dark Souls and how the fight became much easier once you turned off lock on so you could look at what you needed to instead of his torso). GREAT PROTOTYPE though I might add. Far smoother and graphically appealing than I expected from this early in development. Definitely made a fan out of me as this is my kind of game which sadly is severely underrepresented in the PC space. Can't wait for the full release (please say it will be 60FPS in the final version though!).
  7. I like the idea of more classes (or rather playstyles), but think they should go the Monster Hunter/Demon's Souls route where your equipment determines your playstyle rather than a choice in class. Their youtube introduction showed they want you to return to a boat as a sort of base or hub where I think you should be able to switch out equipment and what not, changing your class based on what weapon you choose. That way at any point you and a bunch of friends can decide to all go in as beerzerkers and then immediately afterwards try all going the archer class while staying the same character. This amounts to little to no change in the game if each class only has 1 set of gear but I'm assuming you get to either trade or craft your kills into new equipment, if that's the case making equipment the "class" changer would be my suggestion. Either way, prototype is extremely fun, and challenging, but the controls are quite good giving the harder difficulties the feeling that there are no cheap attacks, only mistakes on the player's part. I can't wait for a full release of this game and anxiously await further news!
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