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  1. Early access is not much like investing, really. We are paying for a product, not a portion of the proceeds from a product. In any case, my only question is whether Double Fine will be able to have a hand in maintaining the community. Maybe curating available mods, Workshop integration, stuff like that. I think it's great that they're releasing the source code, as there are still a lot of features and content I would like to see. Maybe a centralized database on the site with occasional news updates might keep the community going long enough to see those features happen.
  2. Did you not read what he said? There was no money to take and run with. They put money back into it when sales didn't cover it, which means they LOST money, not profited.
  3. Oh man, I would love to see some posts for folks on the edge of a freak-out. Actually, as far as game mechanics, I was thinking more of the 'tantrum spirals' in Dwarf Fortress. But we totally need this in Spacebase. And it has to be called Space Madness. And, yes, I should be able to build a giant red button and then set a lone security guard to watch over it...... Some lyrics from these bands in the game would be awesome, too, though I still don't understnd how the galactic music scene functions when it took thousands of years for these colonists to reach their destination.
  4. Sounds familiar....but that would be totally appropriate here. The occasional disagreement in conversation escalating to a fight would be good, too.
  5. It would also be great to see more posts related to jobs and expertise. Citizens sometimes comment on their jobs already, but more specific things might be more interesting. An on-duty technician could complain that people shouldn't breathe so much, because cleaning the air filters in the oxygen recycler is disgusting. A miner could post how relieved he was when he narrowly avoided harvesting his own leg. (These could also be flagged as negative or positive and dependent on whether the person likes their job or is happy). In contrast, expertise posts could be tied to what the person is actually good at, which wouldn't have to be the job they are assigned. A bartender with a high security skill could still post about which brand of pulse rifle he thinks is the most reliable. If a citizen with a high botanist skill eats a meal they didn't like, they could wonder if someone forgot to check the nitrogen levels in the garden. etc
  6. Showing votes on posts would be cool. Especially if the results could have some effect on the poster's emotional state.
  7. Didn't see a thread for this sort of thing, so apologies if there was a better place for it.
  8. In response to the recent blog post, I would eventually like to see citizens posting about the posts of other citizens. It would be especially interesting if their personal tastes and enemy/friend lists corresponded to how they might respond. In fact, I wonder if those feeds could eventually function more like an actual blog, where other citizens would post comments to their updates. Right now, the feeds are very 'me' focused. While that's actually fairly realistic, it would be cool to have more posts directed towards other topics or citizens, to help flesh out relationships. For example, Bob posts about his favorite band, and Mindy agrees, but Harry decries their horrible taste in music, and expresses his disdain for Bob. Or Joe posts that he wishes there were more work for him, so Jane responds that Joe is just lazy.
  9. The problem with changing the current system is, what exactly are you building with if it's not just general matter? Space dust and crystals are still matter, so why could I not just use them as building material? And if I can use 'Matter' to build a wall or a computer, or whatever other contraptions are in the game, why can't I just use it to synthesize fuel? Most games of this type use a currency for construction, but that doesn't make sense in this case. So if you want the game to differentiate between different forms of matter, there need to be enough specific types to cover whatever building materials might be used, not to mention a corresponding change in the fiction their using to explain these systems. Personally, I'd like to see this complexity go into other places first. I'm not saying I would dislike using a variety of resources, but it seems like a pretty massive change from their current direction.
  10. That's what I do, but if I want techs to maintain the doors in my off-limits section, it can be a pain to get them over there and out without other people wandering in.
  11. It would just be nice to be able to flag areas as off limits. This would be useful for parts of my own base, as well, like if I'm building a trap for raiders.
  12. Yeah, I've had at least one with a pub on board. No bar, though. But what if someone wanted to build rooms without connecting them?
  13. I think it might be a good idea to expand the map size in the future, or if that's not possible, to have a border area, where derelicts can spawn, but the player can't build. As bases get large, they may start to fill up the available map, and make it tough for things to spawn in reasonable locations. Related to this, it might be a good idea to have derelicts and other things that show up despawn after a certain amount of time has passed, to simulate them drifting out of range of your base (unless they are reclaimed by the player). If ships actually move later on, this would become unnecessary, of course. I imagine it's in the plan to have a larger variety of random events in the future, but just some suggestions: - Electrical storms, that could damage equipment or cause things to malfunction (doors opening and closing on their own, for instance). - Small asteroid impacts - Time warps (and other Star Treky stuff), perhaps causing localized areas of the map to become frozen in time - New asteroids spawning - Space Bee migrations - A variety of friendly, neutral, and hostile ships visiting the station (traders, passing ships that need refueling, etc) - Far away distress signals that let you choose whether to send an away team to a location off the map (assuming you have transportation) - other stuff
  14. All they really need for now is something that tags derelicts as not being part of your base, and then an add to base function for each room if you actually want to incorporate them. Personally, I've found it pretty easy to just de-zone any new rooms that are explored, then put a security beacon back on my own base. Any squatters usually head straight for my pub or whatever job I assign them. Then I just dezone and seal the airlock, then send out the builders to start breaking the walls down.
  15. I like the idea of one large asteroid, though it seems like there could still be smaller pieces as well, that maybe broke off. And perhaps other asteroids could 'pass by'.
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