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  1. I thought that was the original aim, climbing a tower with a mythical type tree at the top to escape from the forest surrounding the place. I think that was the original aim. Don't know anything about climbing tree.
  2. +1 Only need to add that that dress looks a bit uncomfortably tight for doing platforming. Girl02's freely flowing style dress would be a lot more practical while climbing the tower. And top-back+front-down mix of both would be great. Girl03 left looks like a good mix of needed.
  3. As I remember, it was said there will be standard set of animals which on average are in every forest, don’t think there are dinosaurs or robo-dogs in every forest. I think we watched different streams
  4. @Kumiho Well, I’m used to call it Gumiho, but that’s not the point. Some of the versions of those tales additionally tell about “fox rain”. That is a situation when it is sunny, there are no clouds visible anywhere, but there is strong rain going on. It like starts instantly from nowhere and ends as unexpectedly as started. It is said that, it is then, when Gumiho, nine-tailed fox spirit, is sad and crying.
  5. Well You wouldn't expect for male to look like female or mage to feel like brute (warrior). You could have real "steel woman" there and nothing would change, only "what You think" could mess all around in Your head, or playing could feel totally different, but my point is that switching f/m doesn't means that games mood needs to be totally different, just because now protagonist is female or male. I'm pinpointing directly to what he said in first place: what points to stereotyping. God of War of course would be harder to crack, but what is the reason to not even try? That's probably bigger question behind. And there would be 2 protagonists, choose which style You like better. I don't know, I kind of don't see the problem with not having gender locked protagonist. Well, maybe in "gender" targeted games, but I don't know
  6. Well, You are trying to show Your point with "pre set" character, which actually exists, not one made for game. So what bad about playing as Catwomen? Why You assume that girl couldn't kick some psychos.
  7. I can think only about "Scary girl", a psp mini, to add to the list of games with girl protagonists. It works for any game, which has storyline, and has personages in sense of person/character. It's just easier and cheeper to say "nope", that's impossible.
  8. I voted for Autonomous, that is team with big chance to do what they want and rather close to how they pitched it. Next would be The White Birch – target is small enough, and things have been thought trough good, so no worry there. 3rd place to Hack n’ Slash, They will do what they have planned, but for big group of people that will be not what they expected, will not be as fun as they assume. And there could be a lot of slowing down problem in the process. 4th Spacebase DF-9 – They will probably make a very good prototype, but a bit smaller than pitched (in content sense) And they need to decide fast on best AI system, so they don’t need to change that in progress. 5th Black Lake (in no way meaning it will fail) Will make good enjoyable prototype, but it may go somewhere different from what was pitched, in a very good way.
  9. This is probably closest from what I have seen to the mood I wish for. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kdqxyA9dTbs Nope, this game will have no problem with luck I think it will be the luckiest one of all. (and 13 is just number, if You think that it's bad number or associae it with bad things of course, a hell can get loose on You if You run into it)
  10. That was only in Hack n' Slash part, later on it's OK. If You are talking about yesterdays stream, otherwise sound is good.
  11. Echelon and The Flock of course, but from higher voted - Bragging and Fighting. I think he will have happy surprise
  12. If just the screen, then that's rather easy (on windows/Linux at least), just need program which turns screen or selected desktop area into virtual webcam. Showing the person actually working is another thing though, then You would need actual cameras. If it would be what You want, You could live-stream all the desktops from everyone all the time (well except maybe outgoing network speed limitation for Your company) with desktop sharing/ live conferencing/screen collaboration program or website. But, that could possibly a bit slow down responsiveness and increase possibility of software failures. If You use only single monitor per workspace (which would be strange, because mostly when I see somewhere game developer setups, there are 2-3 monitors minimum, I myself have 2 FHD monitors), You could in some way use unused output port for streaming, or use splitter. Eh, seems this is too technical, that I don’t know You understood what I mean even a bit. Well, not impossible at least.
  13. Ups, I didn't think about that. My hat would look terrible too. Well we could steal art from other prototypes with hats
  14. Procedurally generated content can do a lot, question is more of, can programmer write/think of good enough generator and in other cases (not this probably) can hardware do generation process fast enough.
  15. Congratulations! Good presentation. I still don’t know do I like this game or not. I see You are going away from combat in it, that’s a good, encouraging news. But you mentioned in presentation that You can die, that’s a really bad thing to hear. Well not that bad in general, but bad if You “fall down”, in “press button .01s too soon or late” sense. I don’t think You can die in Journey. Well You can fall off in Ico, what isn’t the best thing about it. I generally dislike games where You can die too many times just because of controls. Dying because of non-timed matter of course is totally fine with me. You could play out “the tower” thing in art and music too, by going from dark/cold colors to light/warm/soft and from low/slow music to higher pitch/faster/happier, as the girl get higher and higher. Wish You a good luck.
  16. Congratulations with silver asteroid hitting Your space base, I mean 2nd place! Very good presentation. When You mentioned need for some sort of ”money”, first thing that came into mind in this case was “entropy”. That is of course term from thermodynamics, but is used in general system theory too. Meaning a system with lowest entropy is the most efficient system, with the least “randomness”. In this case, when we are talking about society, where all citizens are more “happy” sort of. But I don’t really know does this game need any special “task” to achieve. Keeping the concept, Your idea can be extended to a setting, that player is “gone out of order AI system” which was built in to manage the entropy of the space base. AI that can control all the automated systems like doors, robots, electricity, water, automatic fire extinguishers, alarms and so on. So it’s not actually controlling “people”, but the “environment”, in logical, understandable way, to achieve something, what the broken AI wants to. More like if AI has in some strange way gotten “mind of his own” and is willing to play with people on the space station. And when You evacuate to the next base, the ship actually takes that “damaged” AI to it. Speaking about “resource”, for me, that part should have as minimal meaning as it can still having some sort of meaning if needed. Best wishes with development.
  17. Now I'm very happy with this game again It's OK with me to have deactivation switch for "player friendly" automatons, but it would be much better if once created, they would like to preserve their own survival. In case of "fighting" automatons, adding such feature seems unpractical from viewpoint of creator. And the more power to automatons (weaker player) the more You actually feel the need for them. I dislike "inventory" just because these "junk things" are so big. You could take some small things, like chips, with You, but not half car. And it's way more action, if You need to get those parts by that Automaton sitting on the junk pile, or, something even greater, You will think of together with team. I know
  18. You should actually ask that to Yourself This is hacking game Congratulations with first place! (SELECT COUNT(*) FROM votes WHERE game='{';DELETE FROM votes WHERE voteCount=MAX(voteCount) AND ''='}';) (I hope it's understandable, in a black humor sense) Good presentation, I'm happy that You were able to present in the end Game is pretty much what I expected it to be, so I'm waiting passionately to where will it go, I hope !NULL.
  19. Congratulations with being prototyped! (bow) I was pretty sure this game was doing well and strong, but now I’m rather worried about it being actually a good pick, because of “deactivation” and “Magical inventory”. Was actually worst presentation from all to me, not looking at good, exciting things revealed. And of course only mode I’m interested is “open world”, but of course that’s after these 2.5 weeks. Need for anything additional than You have stated as game mechanics I don’t see and trust You, as with art style too. Except for those 2 things. Possible idea for “mode” in endgame. A bit out of concept though.
  20. I’m happy that nothing went wrong and Black Lake is going to be prototyped, as it was meant to Congratulations. Great presentation and QA. I wasn’t too happy about one eyed father though. Creates not the vibe I personally would like this game to have. I of course could be wrong, but first impression is sort of discouraging. Otherwise mine and Your idea are intertwining. But You are the boss, of course, just using opportunity to have opinion, if that’s allowed. Stitching dreams just by lullabies seems too random. All live streams are available any time afterward. Just use the actual site http://twitch.tv/doublefine, which is simply, for unknown reason, embedded in Humble Bundle, additionally You can write questions/chat there, which You can’t on Humble Bundle. Hope it helps. 12:00PM here Referencing each other in distant way could be interesting, but they are too different from each other (in setting ) that sticking them together as one universe could be rather hard and not the best thing to do overall.
  21. I didn't actually got any announcement from Humble Bundle. It was just a lucky coincidence that I visited site to check, what new games they added in week 2, and did noticed DF banner. Otherwise I wouldn't know anything about this.
  22. I had that in mind as a main possible reason, but: a) if a person can't give one minute for listening to idea, what worth is his vote in the end? b) I did pressed "next video" in 5th second some times ( I watched all videos 3-4 times to get the feel from pitcher overall) anyways, because I wanted to sort out top good ideas first. If I don't care - 30 seconds is too much anyways, if I care, I wan't to know what he wants to portray to me. And additionally it took some hours or days, to get needed information from forums. c) there already were short introduction fragments in main video, introduce Your game there in a gorgeous fun way and lure someone to watch the long version of Your intro. But of course, that concern is totally understandable
  23. I actually didn't understood the 30 seconds rule's meaning, minute of time would have been better. Was that for those sake, who had nothing to say? And feeling that some of these people were forced to make pitch actually never disappeared, like if that was some sort of punishment for them. Though I can't catch from who that feeling came. And it's easier to be excited about something, about what author himself is excited about. Additionally, some people were in bad position generally, because of their profession, for example, programming people, whom I could understand very easily (as one of them), but whose style of informing differs from “artistic” people. And who mostly lack skills to create art for serving their idea. Points++ for trying Tom H******* ; I think You will enjoy Hack && Slash a lot || maybe !;
  24. [+]The Flock – I probably simply liked it being something new and unseen, being about birds, which it probably in the end wasn’t. Sadly, but more like voted for my own idea in the end. [+]Echelon – voted because author was brave enough to push on other senses, not just visual, that’s a brave thing to do in this visuals based society. Chosen setting was interesting too and “console” style graphics were promising hint for not having to do aimless button-mashing. [+]The White Birch – I think, in the end, I more of voted for presenter, than the game itself, I think he would have successfully pitched any game, just by his charisma. At the start (after seeing video) I was excited, but after starting to actually read information about the game I more and more understood that it is far from what I expected, but some authors phrases still light some hope. [+]Spacebase DF-9 – Still think it will be a great game. Most important thing in the whole description was “everything that happens is driven by simulation”. As long as author doesn’t forget his own words and doesn’t push on me tasks I didn’t actually sign up to do in the first place, I’m excited for this [+]Autonomous – Looks to be good game, as long as “which has a mind of their own” stays in it’s rightful place. Art style is good looking too. [+]Black Lake - At the end has probably turned out to be the best of the pitches I voted for. Has good setting, has good idea and is overall a promising idea by promising author. CritterVerse – art style was probably the most discouraging thing, to not even look deeper into the idea. (It’s very good, but too “silly” for me). Battle Bros. - good idea, but setting wasn’t for me. Setting change, and I could have voted, especially because of “randomly generated adventures” Primordial Slime – I actually liked the concept, but as it’s for “mobile devices”, it’s not for me. Cloud Prix – doing something on the clouds, seemed to be good idea ( I did initially vote for this), but the proposed mechanics, and need to be limited by task of racing and needing to beat someone, killed the happiness about the clouds. Double Fine High – I don’t actually have any things to say about this...... Putting all characters from previous games is a great idea! saaaafe! Zumbi Chained – Chained together ^^ great idea, pirates – cool, enslaved – cool, fighting (yawn), next please. Shine Run - deliver moonshine, hmm, interesting task, drive and stunts, next please. Turk – seemed too complex for me, and too much place for error, based on your world view. Good idea though. Flopulus – again, this was one of those things when I had no interest. In this case I think because there was no reason – why should I destroy that factory in the first place. Redbot's Reboot – This was actually the first game I voted for, being sure “yes, this is it”, but later, starting from loosing third dimension and so on, it just went down to something utterly boring. This idea has a lot of potential, which, sadly, needs to be found first. The Knockover – I liked the idea, but this was one of the games I didn’t vote, just to not vote for too much games, but it was on the list of promising titles. BRAGGING & FIGHTING – I liked the concept of the bragging, not sure about fighting though. Was on the promising game list. Milgrim – idea is possibly good, setting terribly not. KAIJU PILEDRIVER – a good idea. I actually voted for this, but removed vote for the same reason as Knockover. But one worry there was, will the author not put too much of work on my shoulders, I want to see cities crashed, not have a finger fitness lesson Silent But Deadly - *** censored due to strong language *** about even proposing ***censored due to strong language***. Gameplay idea seems to be good and interesting just not the ***censored due to strong language*** main story focus. (no offense, this was intended more like joke, I never use strong language , but this game is one of 2 on my dislikes list) Hack n' Slash – actually second game in dislikes list. Why? If author will show how to hack Psychonauts and other this years prototypes, with the same “tools” and I will need to turn off antivirus, DEP and other neat things, just to run it – it’s about actual hacking stated, and will be one of my all time favorites, otherwise, it’s about using big words to sell off small ideas.
  25. *only probably is the wrong word in this sentence. There would be like two flight modes "free" once you press any controls and move away from flock, and “auto aligned”, when You approach any flying flock (more like any other player in general) in the area and are very close and release controls You are pulled into closest spot (if “neighboring” birds accept that, otherwise You would be honked off, so to say), so You can rest and just experience scenery passing by without being concerned about controls, when You want, You can take controls again in Your hands and fly somewhere. That of course wouldn’t be the case for the leader (well there could be “default route” of course) who is controlling where following “players” are flying, as they are going that same route. So he can actually lead through the most beautiful parts of scenery, the safest of paths or do some crazy acrobatics, what would be rather hard to coordinate otherwise, because of lack of communication, ping or other such things. That has any importance only if is actually part of the still in progress idea. Otherwise there isn’t actually any need to have any flocking at all, no survival element, just free-flight. That's of course my vision, in no way associated with DF.
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