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  1. HiddenJournal.txt

    Yeah, I think that one hint is more misleading than helpful. The best hint that I can give on selecting the key is to dumb the strategy down as far as you can. In fact if you'd just go to a random room in the library and take a random book with you, you'd have a chance of around 36% for it to work.
  2. Fourth class, anyone?

    Guess I'll share my thoughts on the game-design of the existing classes as well: I think Stalwart is a great basic character for the prototype's scope. He does have a very simple strategy of blocking and chipping away the health with that safe blocking-attack. It does the job, but is boring enough to make you take some risks once you feel more confident. Once you do he has quite some interesting aspects to discover. That gives the character probably the best learning-curve of the three. My two issues with him are that his first attack in the chain tends to miss due to the low hitbox and the Gorgoth's 'small hitstun' being really short (if it is supposed to be positive for the player it should be longer). The Beerzerker is also a solid character, just one with quite a steep learning-curve. Even for the basics he requires some unterstanding of both his options and the monster's behavior. The concept here seems to be a character that at a higher level can keep attacking, but has to manage all offense, evasion and positioning flawlessly at the same time. Also in his final version I hope that beer-sliding-bug becomes a feature. Maybe if he starts drinking with a directional input held, he drinks while running but can't change direction without canceling the skill. The Waracle feels hollow to me (as if there wasn't time for her after the others got shaped). From my time with her it looked like she has a basic strategy that happens to also be her best option at the same time (though I might be wrong, need to try the spear-charge properly). One thing I'd like to see for her would be some periodical task that makes her move inside the monster's reach. Since there's so much talk about her spirituality, how about she builds shrines that have some local effect (buffs to allies; some effect to the monster if it is in reach long enough) and need to be reactivated now and then? Obviously this is way out of scope for the prototype. But also in the prototype there is space to make her more interesting to play. The axe-(charge-)shot could have flight-time-dependent damage (it's spinning and works better with the sharp side towards the monster). Let's say during the first unit of distance it does 50% damage, next 1.5 units full damage and bleeding, remaining flight 25% damage. So for this weapon you'd have to keep the right distance at all times. The mace-shot could have a sweet-spot-charge-timing. Example: Make it do 25% of the normal stun after 60 frames of charge, 50% after 90 frames, 100% after 110 frames and 0% before 60 or after 120 frames. This way you have to sync aiming and charging in a window of 10 frames to get the most out of the weapon. From the ideas for new characters I really like the 'battle philosopher'-concept (somewhat reminds me of Samurai Shodown's Wan-Fu though). But since he already has a column, shouldn't he be columnist? Writing up fighting techniques just as he learns about them in battle, aiming to make his column a mighty pillar every fighting school to follow is built upon. Just letting my imagination run wild: - He could be the only character from the bunch that can lose his weapon (dropping it on hit or leaving it somewhere as part of a skill). That would leave him with the Beerzerker's speed but hardly any offensive. - He has a FIFO-Queue for up to 7 'thoughts'. Most of his attacks leave him in a thinking pose that can be held to produce one of multiple thoughts (depending on pose and duration). Also unarmed state should have an unique thinking pose. Getting hit should also drop a few of the oldest thoughts. - If the column is set up (leaving him unarmed) he can write upon it. The player selects three or four thoughts to be written down in one of multiple slots on the column. The writing would then have an effect depending on the used thoughts, unlocking attacks or buffing allies close to the column. Ideally the setup would make you have to improvise depending on what you happen to have in your queue, since you can't always pick what attacks you can use or how far you can charge a pose. Going for specific sets is risky, since undercharging a pose or getting hit might make you lose the thoughts you have already prepared. Allowing to place the column as support-beacon sounds interesting, but he would need to have something to do without it. Makes me all sketchy timey, just give me a few minutes. (cue drawing montage) Here we go.
  3. HiddenJournal.txt

    Just as a background note: it's a lot easier to solve the puzzle ingame (and by accident) than most people think, also harder to give a hint on the right key. If you already solved it, here's a hint to what I mean: Windows Live ID (it's even the same number).
  4. HiddenJournal.txt

    I only changed the TKU/AGbdbzxbvxcz-Exit in Overworld/Castle to point to Dungeon/PassCodeRoom and there added a new exit back at 3840/4864, so I could skip Castle/DungeonEntrance while figuring stuff out and still mostly take the normal route through the game. It took me a while to figure out how the key-selection works, mostly because I thought I would have to provide it after selecting the encrypted message. Then I got lucky by deciding to pick the most straightforward key instead of thinking too much about what would be meaningful. At this point digging through the game on various levels of abstraction was an incredible experience, I couldn't have imagined in the end the game would blend everything this way. As this topic shows it's a nonlinear way to the message, moving in and out of the game and blurring the line of what is still part of playing it.
  5. My playthrough of the prototype

    I used a gamepad as well. It didn't feel punishing to me, but as I stated in the camera topic I feel like she reacts way too fast to any inputs. In my opinion you should really add some more inertia to the controls. This is not an action-game so you can get away with a lot of that (accelerating slowly, losing a lot of speed on every sharp turn,...), while things like being able to fly sharp corners during a jump feel off. Might even be enough to fake that by having something that remembers the last input direction and interpolates that with the raw input-data. I feel like that might help both with some of the camera-issues and the keyboard-difficulty. But I perfectly understand that while you can trust the player in finding problems you can't trust his analysis (and unfortunately I can't try my changes out), so sorry if I'm being rude by repeating something you can evaluate much better.
  6. Hints or help?

    I'll try to give you a few pointers from what took me a while to figure out (obviously might be spoilers): - Look at the sides of that claw - You can act during one animation that might look scripted to you
  7. Camera angles, what all 3D platformers mess up

    I feel like the camera does a really good job in this prototype. Whenever the path is clear and the game focuses on platforming you can adjust it any way you want. A static camera indicates well whenever the game wants to point you towards something (and especially it tells you when you are an a sequence with limited options). What I feel needs tweaking instead is player-acceleration (not sure if there is any at all). Also I think there is some transformation to inputs trying to predict what the player wants. The result is that you push in some direction and off she goes without giving you any chance to change it based on visual feedback. I think a really slow acceleration would work well in this game, because it doesn't require you to get off the spot quickly for anything anyway.
  8. Brazen!

    Second Rule of software optimization: never assume, test. (First rule is about focussing on some '1% of all the lines get 42.2% of the CPU time' issues or something, in case you wonder) Can be applied to other things as well. I assumed evading stomp to have difficult timing and thus to be unreliable. Guess . Now my first video looks embarassing to me with all that running away. Getting some feel for the game makes it look even better, the only thing that still really bugs me is getting stuck between the heads. Haven't found a reliable way to avoid the tail-swipe from there yet.There strangely seems to be a consensus about Beerzerker being better than Stalwart. For now I stand by my (unpublished) first opinion that Stalwart is easier to play than Beerzerker and of course Waracle being easiest of the three. Waracle just needs to stay away and fire Axes over. Stalwart needs to find openings to attack, but blocking makes it easy not no make mistakes. As Beerzerker you need to actively react to attacks, so it's easier to make mistakes. And especially on Hard mistakes are costly and you get a lot of opportunity to make them.
  9. Brazen!

    I'm not so much a fan of Monster Hunter specifically as some random guy who enjoys (my computer hasn't seen upgrades for a while as you'll notice). In fact I discovered Monster Hunter really late after wondering for a while why nobody did something like that. That lingo is more of a fighting game thing in case it's that what you're referring to (and I consider Monster Hunter to be pretty much as close to coop-Street Fighter as you can get). I was a little worried my last post might come over as 'make a reskin of Monster Hunter' where in fact I'd like to see something that takes the concept in another direction (which I'm sure you'd do anyway).
  10. Brazen!

    You had me at 'Monster Hunter' with this one. After beating up Gorgoth with the three characters on Normal a few random impressions: You dealt well with being pushed through the ground, landing on the beach in the second half of the battle is a lot better than an endless fall The battle mechanics are impressive for a prototype, I'm sure making this kind of game work isn't easy since it requires a lot of precision. I had to get rid of a few reflexes first though. In Monster Hunter a monster faces the player it wants to attack first, that might mean more than one 'turn'-Action (Gorgoth tries but gives up after turning once it seems). I got shockwaved more than once until I had to accept I can't use the time to whiff a few attacks and meet the Gorgoth's head with the last one of the chain (by now my pick in Monster Hunter weaponry could be obvious). Also roll(/evade)-cancelability of the attack-recovery feels like it would kick in a bit late. Not writing this to nitpick on the solid mechanics, especially since all points are design- and balance-decisions that I can't judge properly. But just seeing all these things being there (Gorgoth's behavior having the right tells, attack-recovery being roll-cancelable, rolls seem to have invincibility frames,...) proves competence, I'd buy it. For the monster-animation it's a good start, but somehow the feel isn't there yet. Maybe what's missing for me is that overanimating the movies have. To make the figures look alive those animations try to keep (large portions of) the creature moving at all times, smoothing all movements in an unrealistic way (and ignoring inertia).