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  1. So, I hate to be the "Dick" person....

    But I bought the humble bundle, basically for this game. This is all I wanted in the bundle. But now I feel like I wasted my money. Yeah, its deff a alpha, and thats all that is. I guess I was expecting more, considering the way "beta's" and "alpha's" are advertised these days. The one thing I figured, which I could be wrong now, is since I bought the prototype, Am I getting the full version of the game for free now?

    It said prototype, so I figured if I buy this verison, I'd get the released copy...?

    Edit: Waste of money, as in, I thought I was gonna get more then what a "Technical" alpha is. I guess its hard to describe, considering everyone proabably looks at "alpha" differently... but I was just curious can I get my money back at all maybe? I mean, I really hope you guys say, since I bought the prototype Im getting "SOME FINISHED game for free"....

    I guess Im just really confused about what this humble bundle was about. You guys kinda made it seem like I was eventually going to get a 'finished' product.

    edit: All I care about is, I AM GETTING THE FULL GAME RIGHT? I bought the prototype to the full game?

    It's not an alpha, it's a prototype. Alpha's are essentially a finished game with a lot of testing still to do. This is a single level. It's y a gameplay concept that can be used to pitch BRAZEN - to publishers and to the public.

    Sad as it is, it's not even confirmed whether BRAZEN will be made at all, so don't go expecting any more with regards to it for quite some time. Even if it is made however, the full game wasn't part of the bundle.

    If you're annoyed, think how much you actually paid for the bundle. Chances are it was much less than the full retail price of a game like BRAZEN would be anyway.

  2. Only Monster Hunter I've played was Tri, but I clocked up over 300 hours on it and I love the similarities here. Characters have nice differences. Took me a while to get used to the way it plays quite a bit faster than MH, but I got there.

    Would definitely buy this based on what I've seen already.