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  1. MrMooEar you read it here first. Bull Fighter/Lucha Libre style character. A "special thanks" mention in the credits is all I ask
  2. Well we know where Brad got his inspiration for the name from:
  3. It's not an alpha, it's a prototype. Alpha's are essentially a finished game with a lot of testing still to do. This is a single level. It's y a gameplay concept that can be used to pitch BRAZEN - to publishers and to the public. Sad as it is, it's not even confirmed whether BRAZEN will be made at all, so don't go expecting any more with regards to it for quite some time. Even if it is made however, the full game wasn't part of the bundle. If you're annoyed, think how much you actually paid for the bundle. Chances are it was much less than the full retail price of a game like BRAZEN would be anyway.
  4. I'll take on the Gorgoth with you fellas: http://steamcommunity.com/id/whoopty
  5. A monster trainer class would be pretty awesome. A summoning class of some kind.
  6. I'd like to see something like a Kraken creature. Perhaps we could fight it from the deck of a ship on the way to this mysterious island. Chop-offable tentacles would be cool.
  7. I have it on good authority that there are plans for five classes in total, but no details on the other two at the moment. I like the idea of a distraction class. Fireworks, maybe blinding powder. The bull fighter of the group.
  8. I've seen Brad mention the potential for smaller minion creatures that help out the bigger ones. He said specifically that they were thinking about a skeletal dragon that dropped skeletons from its rib cage!
  9. Bit of a self plug here since I'm the interviewer, but I figured you guys would be interested to hear some more details about BRAZEN: http://games.kitguru.net/pc-gaming/jon-martindale/double-fines-brad-muir-dishes-out-brazen-details/ Bigger, load free islands, more classes, weapons, longer fights, crafting, and more.
  10. Wonder if I'm being a dumbass here... but I can't get into a private game because it says the steam client isn't running. I've tried copying the game file into the steamapps common directory and adding the game to steam as a "non steam game," but nothing. Any thoughts?
  11. Only Monster Hunter I've played was Tri, but I clocked up over 300 hours on it and I love the similarities here. Characters have nice differences. Took me a while to get used to the way it plays quite a bit faster than MH, but I got there. Would definitely buy this based on what I've seen already.
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