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  1. My only problem with CQ was a lack of "battle strategy." I generally did the same routine things each time, and if my guys were strong enough, they would win. I think it would be an improvement if I had to use totally different strategies against different kinds of enemies (or against different combinations of enemies). I think that's not easy to implement, but it would be a good goal.
  2. I wanted to let the makers and fans of Costume Quest know, it is currently the highest-rated download game on popular site JayIsGames. http://jayisgames.com/tag/download/rating So congratulations!
  3. OK, I have to say, after playing for an hour, I'm still having trouble with the mouse cursor switching between the normal cross/circle and the pointing finger. I think the problem is, the cross & circle have the hotspot in the middle, but the finger has the hotspot at the top. So I keep clicking the wrong option in conversations. I thought this would stop bothering me after a few minutes, but I'm not getting used to it. I guess my suggested remedy is, just use the cross for conversations and inventory. That's my only complaint so far though!
  4. Yes, I'm another "DRM free backer" and I feel the same way.
  5. Thanks! I did not realize there was so much material in there. I'll go back and do some hunting. Stacking is definitely a "tidbit-rich" game.
  6. I'm impressed by all the different conversations you can have in Stacking. Dolls will say different things to different dolls, and their dialogue will also change after certain events in the game. There are a lot of jokes in there, but it would be pretty hard to try every possible combination. So I'm wondering if someone on the team would be willing to make some suggestions about the 10 or 20 best conversations that players are likely to miss. Like, "try talking to X doll with Y doll." Or, "try talking to X doll after such and such event has happened."
  7. This is Tchaikovsky's 5th, right? It was a smart choice to use serious music for a silly game.
  8. I'd buy The Cave if DRM free, but I won't buy it on Steam.
  9. That was a great game. After 25 years, Cliff has finally shipped the sequel. Yes, I agree. I've now played The Fool and his Money. It's much bigger than The Fool's Errand. I am scratching my head about whether The Fool and his Money is an adventure game. Could be, or maybe not. I might call it an "unorthodox" adventure game. It's endorsed by Stephen Sondheim, which is kind of unusual for a video game. But take note -- the DF Action Forums "information cow" has an eerie similarity to one of the early screens in The Fool and his Money. I saw the cow and I was like Whoa! This has to be a coincidence...right? Why would two unrelated (?) game developers write that word just like that? I know it's just a word, but still...
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