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    design teacher at the department Game Artist & Game Developer, GLU
  1. I'm a design teacher at the game department of Grafisch Lyceum Utrecht (the Netherlands). I use your Amnesia Fortnight for my design lessons, including an explanation of my personal design minded top 5. 1. Turk excellent idea of a data-driven game 2. Primordial Slime excellent animation and swell idea for a tablet touch screen game 3. The White Birch 4. Autonomous Fine to be able to see these two prototyped the next 2 weeks. Second classes Game Artist and Game Developer are also prototyping these weeks, they get a semi-live example of how to do it (we're at 11pm here in Europe when you start your live video, so we watch the next morning!) 5. The Flock what a great idea and what a lousy pitch. Watch the BBC series Earthflight to get the right mood of 'a dramatic journey across the planet.' We'll be watching you this fortnight together with all our students. Good luck and make the best possible prototypes. Willemijn
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