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  1. Concept Art

    If she's the type of girl who naturally climbs and adventures, she'd wear clothes & fabrics that were convenient for doing such. If she's in a dream, then the argument is invalid because she can dream to be wearing anything. A lot of fashion (more than just "nightgowns") creates a "dreamlike" quality. I'm not saying that the only answer is she can't wear a dress, but you shouldn't be saying the only answer is that she has to wear a dress. If she were a boy, it wouldn't even be an option-- what solution would you find if it were a boy? If art is really about trying stuff -- there's ideas other ideas to explore. Just to soften this post, I love you.
  2. Concept Art

    Yeah, the butterflies definitely read like Alice especially when they're blue. Alice had those effects when she jumped. and when she died. I think you can get away with it if the butterflies are pink or if you use a different bug like a firefly. I personally don't dig the dresses because I can't imagine "climbing" in a dress, but the flow of the extra fabric always looks so nice. Leggings/shorts with oversided tops, tops, or cloaks seem like a good alternative.
  3. Which mobile games did you like?

    I voted for Flopulous, because I can see that being a really fun tablet game with the whole squishing and stretching the blob thing.
  4. I'm all for not "gender locking" characters when feasible. It usually prevents bad sexist, limiting writing that's often applied to female characters. In my books though, marketing a female protagonist is about expanding your market and is an intelligent business move. Women are a LARGE market that hasn't even thrown half their purchasing power at the gaming industry yet. There's not many men left that you're going to convince to buy video games, because a large portion of them already do. Most of them are already established faithful consumer of video games and expending resources appealing to a market you've already got instead of new markets often leads to the death or decline of a company/industry. There are plenty of women/young girls who aren't yet gamers and they are gaining purchasing power at a quick rate. If I was a publisher, I would be foaming at the mouth to get my hands on the money from the market that I haven't reached yet and doing everything I could to make them JOINNNN USSS. Edit: Just to be clear, I'm providing a counter-money/marketing argument to the "making female protagonists damages sales" marketing slogan. Fightin' sloppy generalization logic arguing the disadvantages with sloppy generalization logic arguing the advantages seems fair to me. The 3 games with female protagonists were in the top 5 out of 23? which represents that most people don't really mind or may even like the female protagonists. The whole "there's no money/interest in titles with female leads" thing is just nonsense. This same nonsense is spread in the movie industry and prevents female lead movies from getting good budgets (same thing happens in gaming). We have some movies that prove that female protagonists can make money ~ times b' a changin ; brave, twilight, the hunger games all made mad profits.
  5. Write a male character. Make it a female. You're welcome. Or if you feel that is truly disingenuous, find a female writer and ask for her to write the character. There are plenty of female writers around.
  6. Are you arguing against these games having female protagonists?
  7. I voted for 7 games. The ones that didn't make it were Flopulous, Bad Golf, and Silent But Deadly. I'm not disappointed, because I did not expect those games to do well in a double-fine market. I'm a pretty patient person though and I don't think the people who made the pitches will stop trying to get their games made. I'll be waiting for when that does happen and so will others.
  8. Symbolic annihilation of women & minorities is a pervasive problem in all of our media. It is arguably the worst in video games, so it's great to see some progress being made and that all the titles with female leads did really well in voting. Isn't Hack n Slash going to have a female protagonist too or did they change this? If they did, I am disappoint. BumIt2pIRuw Yes please!
  9. So, how come only dudes did AF pitches?

    HDU betray your office administration allegiance In all seriousness though, I hope next year you have whatever support it is that you need if you want to pitch your idea. It was terribly sad to read that the reason you didn't pitch your game was because you have too many responsibilities and would have felt guilty putting a heavy burden on someone else. Communion is healthy, but unmitigated communion is damaging -- so hopefully this is a case of communion and you get to do what you would like eventually.
  10. So, how come only dudes did AF pitches?

    You say you "held off" but your admin responsibilities are still going to be there next year to stop you from pitching and being a team lead, aren't they? Will DF hire an intern or a temp next year so that you can make your pitch? This may not be gender discrimination but it is administration discrimination ;( Poor admins.
  11. So, how come only dudes did AF pitches?

    Well if you're worried about offending anyone, you could upload the image to a site like imgur.com. Then you could link it with an NSFW warning. I wasn't sure if that was cool, I get the family friendly vibe around here. It's really not that bad that it'd warrant a NSFW tag IMO but just in case... NSFW gif
  12. So, how come only dudes did AF pitches?

    I was sad not to see any ladies pitching, but I was very happy to see that all the games that had female protagonist pitches were all really popular. I've always found that when women come into the public eye in bro-cultures, certain people instantly don't believe she legitimately earned the right to be there as if she's unqualified and dedicate their time to attacking her. Consequentially, women who upload videos to youtube about video games tend to be more harshly & brutally criticized about everything. Any woman who takes up the task is nothing short of badass for being able to cope with the unjust & elevated levels of scrutiny directed at her for daring to be a woman. I have a gif that goes along with this need to attack women on the internet, but sadly it has profanity.
  13. On the efficacy of pitches

    /personal opinion incoming/ I don't believe it was just the pitches that failed the games you've mentioned. The ones that did not do well in voting would be fun games in their own right, but other concepts promised more and were more exciting to this particular market. In essence, I believe they offered more depth rather than a better pitch. It looks like most of the concepts that did not do well did not advertise an immersive story and the most successful ones did. They could easily have expanded the appeal of their games by pitching more. I do agree about Zumbi Chained though. I didn't realize how cool of an idea it was until I looked at the .pdf just now and imagined trying to "play as one" with my friends/family (LOOOL). All I imagined from the pitch was spamming one button to kick in side-scrolling fighting game. I also partially did not vote for Zumbi Chained because of the classy concept art on the side in the video with the "indigenous" woman in the butt thong (don't even remember what the guy was saying). If there was emphasis on unique characters (not just tropes), backstories, interactions, and an image of playing through a campaign being forced to work together... I think it could have done a lot better. Alternatively, people may have realized how painstaking it is to try to get in-sync with people and decided it wouldn't be fun to be yelling at their teammates all day LOL
  14. Silent But Deadly Offical Thread

    The concept for this game is hilarious, you have my vote! And this fart gif. I need to do my work & this game is terribly addicting HELP
  15. I think the ambiguous she-elf parody that is shown is far more fun & interesting than a nerd power-fantasy self-insert backstory/character. An elf protagonist that heads off on some typical adventure and gets really annoyed with & refuses to do all the standard game mechanics/quests, so it forces the player to look for creative ways around them by cheating/hacking/reverse engineering the game. Haha, she could be Navi-inspired parody and drive the player crazy. I'm sure some witty writers could really work with that. Good luck!