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  1. There is a great suggestion in the "So I loved Brazen forum" by “Cygnus2122”. The Golden Owl called Bubo could be added, as a counter balance to the rough and tough of the heroes. That owl was heaps annoying in the original film, kinda’ like C-3PO in Star Wars. Except it had the most derpy' way of communicating- flap wings, spin head and whistle. I like it when annoying things get beat up, even if it is by accident. The owl could also serve as semi useful to the heroes and be the butt of some good slapstick comedy. Can you please add the owl so it can get smashed, fixed then smashed again. I would love to see that over and over and over.....
  2. So I loved Brazen

    The owl Bubo, so lame and whimsical, it could be a great comedy to have it get beat up in the game. Maybe Double Fine could finally find a reason / purpose for that stupid thing. :cheese:
  3. So I loved Brazen

    This game is cool. It takes me back to watching those stop motion classics. I can’t wait to see the other critters you put in the game!