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  1. I posted this on the Steam discussions, and I thought I would post the same issue here too So the DS4 controller works fine in Steam Big Picture mode and in other games. However, when launching Headlander it will not recognize at all. If I shut down the game and use a Logitech F310 wired USB Gamepad in XInput mode, it will work, but it will show all the PS4 button icons (for reference the Logitech gamepad is like xbox with ABXY buttons). Anyone else have this issue?
  2. Broken Age PS4/Vita cross-save?

    I just starting playing this last week with the PS+ subscription on PS4 - liking it so far! Tried playing it on the Vita the other night and the continue option is greyed out like I never played before. Does the game not have cross-save? I noticed it has a shared trophy list for PS4/Vita, so I thought it did. Thanks.
  3. MMoJ Now on Android!

    Oh! I've never heard of using Helium to save the game and restore on a different device. I haven't tried to use a file explorer to copy over a save game, but I'd imagine that it would work! And we're definitely going to make the back button work properly. An update with that should be out soonish. DF Kee, is it possible to copy the MMoJ save game file over between Android devices, or do I need root? I hope you guys will add native cloud save to this game so we won't have to mess with this in the future.
  4. MMoJ Now on Android!

    I wanted to say too that I am enjoying the game as well (started playing it on my Nexus 10 tablet). I know cloud saves aren't officially supported so I used the Helium App https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.koushikdutta.backup.license to copy the save game to my Galaxy Nexus to play during slow times at work But when I try to restore the game back to my tablet, it's as if it did not restore the game and continued where I left off on the tablet. Has anyone had this issue using Helium or have a better backup/restore program? Or can we use a file explorer and just copy the save over ourselves? You guys should try to implement the Google Play game services as mentioned earlier in this thread https://developers.google.com/games/services/ According to that page the save is cross platform meaning it your save will work on Android, iOS, or even the web. Hope to see future updates in the game soon! PS: I hope you guys can fix the issue where hitting the android "back" button does not exit out of the game completely but instead go back menus and options like the back button does in other games
  5. Impossible to clear The Adventurer's part on PS3

    This. I cannot remap my keys in the PS3 version either. Will that option be in the latest patch?
  6. Game does not start on Win8

    I've got Windows 8 Pro 64 bit and it runs fine for me.
  7. Prototypes are live!

    Babysteps waiting for the Steam update.
  8. Prototypes are live!

    for the Steam key I noticed it says the downloads are thre but when it asks what I want to install I select all then when it tries to install it says app not released (no matter what game) then I click OK nothing happens. Will I have to keep trying to add the Steam key in later after they are fixed or will the games just show up on my Steam list after they are ready to go?
  9. Let's play BRAZEN! - Steam ID thread

    Invite me to the Steam group as well please and to your friend's lists too http://steamcommunity.com/id/sinistar
  10. Brazen support thread

    Is there any way to invert the mouse or adjust the sensitivity? I didn't see it in the cfg files, unless I missed it.