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    Not much to me im Afraid Just a Hopeful wanting to become a Videogame Designer Myself Someday.
  1. REd Harris... You don't have to go far from the door to find a use point....
  2. Just got through the game and aside from one point where i got stuck it was pretty easy though out. One bug i found is that it lets you get the picture twice for some reason.
  3. I chose: No more mcdonalds, Steed, The white witch's gnome war and Jet girl and Ghost Dog. If i had more choices I would have chosen: Project Xing, Parobolic, Bad golf 2, Scavengers, dear leader, Last missile Commander, Breach, Mnemonic, Karate troopers and Great spirits. So i'm kinda secretly hoping a whole lot of those get at least in the top 10
  4. I do want to back it but i need to save the money first but i will be able to back it eventually (wanting to get a 250 tier)
  5. I am gonna pledge money but im gonna save it for the end of the kickstarter as i need to save it up first (planning on getting the 250 pledge) I am intrigued Mr Muir. I hope you will tell us more over the coming months.
  6. I'm no good at making memes so I m just going to Say I want to see this made...I kinda felt that this sounded like (from the video pitch) a More serious take on Psychonauts but substituting animals for humans. That got my vote immediately so sad to see this one so close but not make it.
  7. I could imagine that in a story they made up they beat a wizard.....and that wizard somehow curses them so that whatever lies they told would come to life. I could also imagine other cards like Time Cards where you have to beat a monster in a certain amount of time. And as your bragging the audience throws down challenges or cards of their own (you could pick their cards to get more beer but make the fight harder).
  8. I voted for ideas based off how fun or intriguing they sounded Hack and Slash Sounded fun if it would be pulled off correctly Bragging And Fighting (so sad to not see it get done) Sounded hilarious though I was skeptical about the multi-player aspect. I even thought of a semi story for the game The Black Lake Sounded like a more serious Psychonauts so I got intrigued. The white Birch...im a fan of platformers...I never played Ico but i have seen it and if it can capture that atmosphere i can get behind it. Bad Golf just Revs (lol) fun The knockover would sound good if you could see the heist played out like you play the cards and then you see 3d models of that characters performing the heist Autonomous sounded interesting but didn't quite get to me till later The others i voted for just sounded fun and got a vote
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