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  1. You can only register one account per email address, so they would have to be creating multiple email addresses in order to do that. It's possible, but seems like a pain! Plus there is the IP address to worry about, that is if the admins are going to be monitoring this contest.
  2. I WANT TO BE A SLACKER BACKER FOR ADVENTURE!!! Unfortunately, I completely missed the Kickstarter.
  3. I voted for, Top Choices Spacebase DF-9 - I enjoy sim games and anything related to space. The White Birch - Art style and if it could give PC gamers a game similar to Journey I'd be happy. I've never played Journey or the other games from That Game Company as I don't own a PS3 (just not enough games of interest for me to consider it a worth while expense), but I think the PC needs more games like Journey, Flower, and Cloud. Black Lake - The concept really intrigued me and I'm curious to see how the prototype will turn out. Hack n' Slash - Seems like it could be an enjoyable comic take on an action adventure game that adds unique mechanics. Secondary Choices KAIJU PILEDRIVER - Seems like it could be a fun game to spend a bit of time in every now and then. The Knockover - The pitch grabbed my interest, plus there isn't many games like it. Even though the prototype would have been a simple card based game it could pave the way to a more strategic game. Cloud Prix - Seems like it could be a nice, fun, and simple racing game. I like Nitronic Rush and it seems like Cloud Prix could be another one to follow in the same vain. The Flock - Seem liked an interesting game that would have been slower paced and interesting depending on the mechanics incorporated into it. Autonomous - Concept seems intriguing. Echelon - Seems like it could have been a every deep game with the player managing multiple things at once and trying to keep track of everything.
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