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  1. I also miss the streams. However, since Ludum Dare 38 is on this weekend, there are a lot of game dev streams related to that on Twitch at the moment: https://twitch.tv/communities/ludumdare
  2. Here's a couple games that could be interesting to look at: The Westport Independent The Republia Times Both of those games have a more cynical outlook than you seem to be envisioning and focus a lot on the mechanics of manipulating information instead of gathering that information, but I think they show how powerful the ability to select headlines can be in a game.
  3. Between this pitch, Fresh, Symphonic Strife, and Liz Miserable, it seems pretty clear that a lot of people at Double Fine want to make a music game, which I'm all for. I'm leaning towards Oota, since it has the best name and the most fun pitch, but really I just want all these games to have a big dance off and merge into one amazing project.
  4. This idea reminds me strongly of Battle Chef Brigade (Steam Link and Original Kickstarter Pitch). This pitch seems to have a more emphasis on the physicality of wrangling big chunks of food onto plates though (as opposed to Battle Chef Brigade which represents its cooking in a puzzle minigame).
  5. I like this pitch a lot. Digitizing a unique existing card game is already neat, and trying to convey different personalities through the computer players gives a lot of room for experimentation.
  6. I like the idea of basically taking Massive Chalice's breeding mechanics and unchaining them from the limitations imposed by the uncomfortable implications of its theme. Having evolution naturally working against you if you eliminate the easiest to catch or most nutritious food is another good twist. I do worry about the balance of this game and making it fun, since maintaining a delicate ecological balance is difficult and not inherently fun if you're just maintaining the status quo. Particularly for a prototype that doesn't have much time to be tuned, I think it could be cool to have a "rogue-lite" progression system that gives persistent upgrades upon death (perhaps based on the extent to which the player was able to evolve dangerous creatures). That would provide an in-game incentive to fully explore the simulation while also letting players experience while also auto-balancing the difficulty level.
  7. Oh, would you look at that. I somehow didn't realize this was out until now.
  8. I'm normally all for making things public, but I disagree that these forums should be public. The posts in these forums may have been written by backers with an expectation of (partial) privacy. Even if most backers are okay with it, there are far too many backer comments to have us all opt-in.
  9. That RPS review contains puzzle spoilers. I also thoroughly disagree with most of it (except for the parts about prettiness) but I'd recommend not reading this review until after playing through the first few puzzles from both Shay and Vella.
  10. I'm not sure if it's because of changed expectations, the now-familiar settings, the feedback from Act 1, or something else entirely, but Act 2 so far is way more enjoyable for me than Act 1 and I liked Act 1. At least I thought I liked Act 1. Maybe I didn't really and this is what enjoyment actually feels like. I'm probably overhyping this... just play the game. I haven't played for long enough to really say that it's harder, but it does seem harder. I got slightly stuck on an early Vella puzzle before switching to Shay and though I'm sure it's probably super easy, I haven't accidentally solved it yet and I think I tried mashing all the things that could be mashed; so yeah, harder than Act 1. Would love to play longer, but I should sleep. Congrats Double Fine, and thanks. Edit: Solved the Vella puzzle. Definitely trickier than Act 1. Seriously going to sleep now.
  11. The code is being sent out in emails. It's not on the Humble page (but if you were directed to Humble from an email, it's in that email).
  12. I've only played fifteen minutes or so of Act 2, but gosh it's great. Back to playing, then.
  13. Slacker backers are getting it. I'm downloading right now. Edit: And I actually got the email an hour ago. It will take a while for all the emails to go out, but you should be getting it before too long.
  14. I got mine, though I'm not entirely sure I needed it because it seems to simply point to my Broken Age page in my Humble Library. (I wish I had checked if the game had been updated there even before I used the link, but that's too late now.) I'm still waiting for it to download though, so I guess it's still possible I'm going to need the code that was in the mail. The executable on the Humble Bundle page has not been updated. I think the Backer preview is exclusive through Steam at the moment (as it's a closed "beta"). I'd expect the Humble page to update tomorrow. If you need a DRM-free version, you may be able to contact DF directly (I mean, it already leaked before the build was available to backers so there's not much point in withholding the DRM-free version now). I'm downloading my copy right n- uh, right after this 1.2 GB update for Crypt of the NecroDancer. Oh wait, that's done. Alright, just another 1.6 GB for Act 2.
  15. majugi

    Do it again?

    If the next game looks interesting, I'd support another Kickstarter campaign. I mean ideally it would be nice to see sales from Broken Age and Massive Chalice funding the next games, but if that's not possible they'll either need a publisher or crowdfunding. They probably want to avoid publishers more than ever after the last cancellation, so I would not be at all surprised to see another Kickstarter soon. I agree that having some time between the release of Broken Age and the launch of another Kickstarter would be helpful, though this is a drawback of crowdfunding since it would be more efficient if they had a funding source that matched their multi-project production pipeline. On the topic of platforms, they should make a HoloLens game. I'm not even (entirely) joking, Double Fine's 3D cartoony style would work fantastically in augmented reality and they already have the Kinect Party / Dropchord experience of working with unusual inputs. The feasibility of this depends on when that device becomes available to consumers, but if it's within the next couple years, they should absolutely develop for it. I would buy literally any Double Fine product targeting HoloLens, even if it's just a holographic port of Mountain. (Alright, especially if it's a holographic port of Mountain.)
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