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  1. I must say this game was epic. I loved the music and atmosphere. Like many others, I wasn't sure waht to do but I caught on quickly. I got lost like a sh-tload of times (apparently, died less than getting lost. oh the irony). Camera angle is spiffy but It's fine. My favorite part? The credits. xDD keep it up. - Emiifire.
  2. it's um...notes upside down! DD: ugggh, I wanna watch you guys record but damn school calls. I know that this is gonna come out great though!
  3. Pizza Box Boy with...a huge ball of thingy next to him.
  4. That was totally funny, cause on the word doc you were like, "I think I broke it. Opps." Oh gwad, that was amusing. And the cats in the game The Cave. Dude, I totally gotta find this now. But I cant wait to see you work on more. Also, "she's suppose to jump about 5m. mathy math time." - hahaha, that was win too. but I was more like, wait...5m? Is that even possible? I hope that worked out just fine!, Can't wait to see the next part. (sadly i'll have to miss Friday's broadcast. School) But keep it up! - Emiifire.
  5. I think we watched different streams Yeaah, that might be with the white birch. not sure. haha
  6. Owls would be another nice idea. A doe/deer/buck would be nice for a forest type scene. I still want a turtle for the game, (cause you know the logo for double fine), a Mad Hatter rabbit, would also be nice. x)
  7. Disney's Alice in the Wonderland, is a wonderful and great concept of how "mad" things can get but still extremely lovable. I love the dresses set upon the girls and I find the details to be really nice for her.
  8. .hack// series had an interesting concept of hacking by reversing hp and mana from like infinity to zero.
  9. I'm not sure if regular members are allowed to start a new topic but I'm just curious. Have you guys planned what animals to use or no? I recall from Monday's livestream that you mentioned that you would be throwing in a tiger. Has anything came up? CAuseee, there has to be squirrels, possibly an otter?
  10. Add turtles, toads, flowers, and squirrels at one point in the game. :3 THanks!
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