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  1. Oota's Songs of Happiness (Miyuki Richardson)

    Oota's Songs of Mellon Collie and the Infinite Sadness ... :(
  2. The Lunar Gazette (Matt Enright)

    BREAKING LUNAR NEWS: "On Earth today, an obviously rigged election came to an end and denied the citizens of Luna their first independent(!) newspaper! The benevolent Dear Leader mumbled some incomprehensive results in a televised speech to the Earthlings. We will try to keep you updated via our secret Lunar channels..."
  3. ;( Life is not fair. ... you should do this thing, anyway? It's too awesome (and important!) to let go.
  4. When I heard "Community Pitch" the first time around, I thought of it as impossible. Complete strangers, from around the world, with little to no *professional* skills, communication barriers, etc, in the same - shortest - amount of time, trying to make a rabbit out of thin air AND pull it off a hat. Boy, was I wrong. Takes a very special kind of enthusiasm and dedication. The kind, which makes the DF community so great. Good luck, this year!
  5. Trinary (Paul O'Rourke)

    "Team based" fighting game got my brain cells all fired up. I don't play them anymore, but love watching EVO & Capcom Cup (Super Street Fighter). "Getting waiting players involved, without interrupting..." will be a tough nut to crack. But that's what makes this pitch so interesting.
  6. Symphonic Strife (Zach Baharov)

    So... I will sound old and out of touch, but when I think of *Symphony* or *Beethoven*, I think of structure. Music education + Bach + math + early life visits to the Opera (not the web browser company), made me learn to appreciate music on an intellectual level. When I listen to a Symphony (Beethoven, Haydn, Mahler, Bruckner...), I stop doing everything else. I am paralized(!), inclined to *just listen*. Not move. Not dance. Not 'play' - which would be distracting. A different part of the brain? Maybe it's a generational thing. Certainly, I am not the target audience.
  7. ... 'Black Lake' is a trigger for me. It was such a well made demo, in the shortest of times. Would have made a wonderful game. But that's game development in a nutshell. We just had the privilege to get a peek inside. Imagine the games people work over a year on and then it gets canned. As for "full games" ... I don't know what that means anymore in 2017. Some game experiences are great in a bite-size piece. Wanting 'more' of something is always good. But - probably an age thing - the older I am, the more I am ok with a taste of something. I rarely *finish* games. It all turns into *work* eventually, after you learned the rules & systems. Unless the story keeps you going? Having said that, I still want all pitches to turn into something playable. Gamdev life is cruel.
  8. Empath (Kee Chi)

    Can I solve the "Trump" puzzle? (Sorry. Had to go there) When I heard "Last Express", I was on board, already.
  9. You had me at "board game". But also at "A team of magical girls, defeating a villain..." This is my choice for "we need more games by girls for girls" ( ... and the rest of us). Have fun, making it!
  10. Oota's Songs of Happiness (Miyuki Richardson)

    YES! Reminds me of the first time I tried to play ICEWIND DALE with a full party of Bards! (I was role-playing in my head: "Bards going to a Bards Convention. That's a thing, right?") Needless to say, I did not make it far. Now, I can ... hopefully, soon. ♫♫♫♫♫♫
  11. Have no Oculus/HTC Vive. Have no interest in purchasing them. But will vote for this game, because it is a great game idea. A 'commercial' version of this game would need a legal disclaimer? "If you play this party game in an inebriated state, we take absolutely no responsibility for puking all over your friends and furniture"?
  12. This is awesome! And important. Begs the question "why does this still not exist?" WHO and UN should sponsor this, or know about it?! Not everyone grows up in a "happy family" where this topic is a handled well. Cultural, religious taboos, etc, etc. Got my first vote. Have fun making it! [Will need translations in many, many languages. Maybe - we, community - can help with that.]
  13. It has started... Ben Brrrrrrbank replied the following on Twitter:
  14. Hi, everyone... ... reading the infamous, limelight seeking Beerzerker Brad MooEar's celebrity Top Ten list, mentioning Geoff Soulis, I was wondering "What would Geoff's Top 10 list of 2014 look like?" Thinking further, remembering the long, sleepless hours we all spent during the Amnesia Fortnights *together*, I would be interested to know ALL OF YOUR TOP 5-10 GAMES OF 2014, please, please, pretty papers-please... If you, fellow fans, stumble on some secret, private Greg Ricey tumblr update or any/every(!) other public staff posting, feel free to share the link here. If you are a DF-er ... first, thanks, for doing all these awesome games and enduring those 2PP cameras in your working lives and - if you can spare some few minutes more, to give us your Top 5 or Top 10 of 2014 - I am sure, we all (incl. your co-workers?) would be delighted?! Thanks & Happy Holidays & A Happy New Year!