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  1. First of all, to Andy and his team, a hats off to you for putting together something that left me awestruck when first entering the game. While I had been following the forum occasionally, I tried keeping myself as much in the dark to how the gameplay and level design was going to be as much as possible, and I have to say, I liked what I have played. Obviously there are rough edges that were unable to be fully cleaned up, but for two weeks, I am astonished by what has been accomplished in that time and am very happy to have been part of this process, if only in a small way. Slightly frustrating times due to slight bugs did not diminish the awe I felt as I progressed up each section and was able to look around, and I can not fathom what the team could have accomplished with more time, and that makes me want this to be fleshed out even more so. The tower was just beautiful, and with more time, the details that could be added would just make the whole experience grow. I hope to hear some good news from Andy on potential development of a full title, but even if it does not happen, having this little gem to play through will keep me happy regardless. Thanks again Andy and team, your work is beautiful!
  2. When I first read through a bunch of the pitches before voting, Black Lake was one of the two that really caught my eye as something I was going to be excited to see get made so I could play. I intentionally left myself unaware of a lot of the development process so that when I got the prototype, so that it would be completely fresh for me without too much preconception of what to expect. That being said. After playing all 5 prototypes, Black Lake stands on top of them all. Not only does it seem to be the most polished, but as another poster mentioned, it just feels like it is already a complete story in of itself. The camera angle and movement, while at first was a little foreign, became a welcome change by being not only simple, but effective at allowing the player to see, there were a few moments were the foreground became cluttered from trees or ferns being in the way, but that was rare and in no way ruined my experience. The sound assets and lighting for this game were amazing, the sound of bramble foxes creeping around in the dark, seeing their eyes glowing in the distance as they moved closer and closer. This games sound and lighting made such an interesting atmosphere where at times, I would hesitate to move forward due to some of the sounds and not wanting to be seen or killed. Following the tracks and scent trails and finding the clues that were left behind were very interesting, and with all the space that was available to move around in, I found myself not only losing the trail at times and having to backtrack, but also pushing deeper off the path to find the extra clues that were laying around, and I doubt I was able to find them all my first go. The only negatives as far as I could think of, aren't actually negatives in my eyes, because as we know, two weeks is not a lot of time, and some concepts may have been simplified for the prototype due to time constraints. The only things I would personally like to see in a more expansive version of this would be: 1. A little more dynamic between using the lantern and remaining in the dark. I ended up not using the lantern all too much as, not only did it lure the bramble foxes in, but most of the trails were unable to be seen in the light. 2. The accordian playing get expanded, as was mentioned above being similar to Link's ocarina, where you learn lullabys and other songs to use on different animals/dreams. 3. Not sure how a full version would be thought out, but I think an open world style would be great for a full version where you move into the forest and stumble upon random trails of animals to follow. That is about all I can think of, but all in all, due to the sheer amazing quality of this prototype, I am hoping that this is able to get picked up and brought out in full. Levi and team. Thank you so much for all your work!
  3. First I want to say congratulations and good luck during the upcoming two weeks, the description and your presentation made me really want to see this project come together, and was very happy to see it make it into the top 4. Second, during the Q&A, hats were mentioned and you jokingly mentioned the possibility of antlers, which made me think, what if upon completion of the game, that actually happened. With how Journey has its scarf become more elaborate over each playthrough, maybe you could implement a system that after each game completion, your character slowly changes in appearance, to maybe be more animal like, antlers, tail, etc. Obviously not a system we would see in the prototype, but would be another visual aspect that gives the incentive to play more. Either way, I'm greatly looking forward to seeing what you and your team come up with during this time.
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