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  1. This also happened to me twice. I doubt they intended for it to freeze at that stage of the conversation. Here's how I believe it to progress... ***SPOILER*** Quiet Mouth should spawn nearby after dancing with Big Leg, break into the conversation and try to win you over. When that's done, you should be guided towards the house. Hope this helps!
  2. Great stuff. Really love what you guys did with the (potato) ending. More of this, please!
  3. Dear DF and 2PP, Now that we've gotten a hold of the prototypes, it seems like the project has somehow come full circle. Having followed your streams since day 1, I just wanted to congratulate you on the effort and on the quality of the productions. The process has been crazy, inspiring, interesting and unexpected all at the same time. Unexpected, as my least favorite projects turned into my favorites over the course of the filming. The fact that you joined with a camera crew allowed for this unique experience that I think will set the bar for this type of consumer-funded game development in the future, all thanks to 2PP and their crazy behind-the-scenes guys. I praise their effort and hope that you consider working together again in the future. Finally, I'll just quote JP Lebreton and say: "Thanks a bunch, guys. You killed it. In the good way. The good killing."
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