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  1. Extra copies for multiplayer?

    Yeah, that would be great. Some of my idiot friends didn't get in on the bundle. I'm in the process of getting new friends who aren't idiots, but until then a few gift copies would be appreciated.
  2. Great ideas Cheeseness. Looking forward to seeing things develop. I'd offer my voice work again, but I'll be away during at least part of AF. I'm happy to do what I can however.
  3. Oota's Songs of Happiness (Miyuki Richardson)

    You have my AXE!! ... And by "Axe" I mean electric guitar, of course.
  4. A Slice of Heaven (Brian Anderle)

    I love it, It's got my vote. I'd like to request/suggest one thing, though. Could you include a local co-op (or even networked for that matter) where one player pilots (perhaps with a simple forward pea-shooter) and the second is the gunner? Anyhow just a thought.
  5. Urchin Squad (Jeremy Mitchell)

    This one has to make it! If only because... BEARD!!!!
  6. Bad Golf: Community Edition

    That looks pretty good. There will need to be a spot for choosing Voice as well; Unless the Voice is tied to the Head, which I think is not the plan right now. The Vocalizations I made are named after the DF Folks, but like Cheese said should probably be selectable like the Voices in worms.
  7. Steed because it gives you a proven idea that you can change up enough to make it your own, but most importantly (to your company) it will sell... and sell well. Dear Leader can sell well also, but probably best in the mobile arena. Mnemonic is artsy, and cool, and creative, and unique, and all the things that don't sell well... ever. You might be able to get sales in the range of The Cave, but I think you'd be hard pressed to even pull that off. Maybe if you could swing a Bundled-In situation with the Oculus.
  8. Bad Golf: Community Edition

    What I find so cool about this whole experience is that not only do we have so many people pitching in from so many different places with so many different skill-sets, and (honestly) so many different skill-levels... but, it's really awesome when you consider we're all strangers. Almost everybody involved here has never so much as set eyes on one another. And yet we can come together to make something, hopefully something good, maybe something great. I'm pretty excited to watch this develop, and will be contributing what I can when I can.
  9. Bad Golf: Community Edition

    Wow, there really are quite a number of people getting involved. That's so awesome. And, Cheeseness, you're doing such a great job keeping everything from flying apart. Keep up the good work. I'm excited to see where it's at when the AF protos are also 'finished'.
  10. Man, this tread is bumming me out big time.
  11. EDIT: The Cave available on January 23!

    Yeah, this dropped in the wish list as soon as it could get there... So.... Kick it with the KEYS Homie!!
  12. I WANT TO BE A SLACKER BACKER FOR ADVENTURE!!! (All caps, bold text)
  13. Fourth class, anyone?

    Before adding new ones, the existing classes need some tweaks though. 1) Stalwart's shield cheat needs to be fixed. Easy fix... while keeping it's function: Blocking can drain his stamina, minimum stamina to block. Then, remove his health potions. He'll still kick butt, while having to actually be strategic. 2) Leave the Waracle with her health potions. Generally, Waracle if fine. 3) Remove the Beerzerker's potions, and add an effect to Over drinking which heals him some. Less convenient than potions, more in character. Gives him a strategic decision when to remove himself from the fray. As far as the new guys go; 5 is a great number. I really like the bullfighter concept. What about the old learned wizard hermit type character? Can maybe 'cast' Illusions to distract the beasts, or Shields to protect others. Some call him... Tim?
  14. Steam release?

    There is one... you just have to Hack it to make it show up.
  15. Doodles of DFers During Da Stream!

    I keep coming back looking forward to new additions, you are so good. Need a Tim and Jane. Maybe Dan and Paul too. Oh yeah, and their FedEx guy.