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  1. I've been trying to get hold of a key for a while now. Could I please have one if you have any left
  2. Looks like I'll just have to carry on doing what I've been up to so far - playing a level, then hitting alt+4 then restarting and hoping I end up roughly near the start of the level, then replaying it while recording. I guess I should work out the shortest route to each level just in case that method screws me over.
  3. I have the steam PC version of the game, and I'm working on a video series about the game. As part of it I need to be able to replay some levels, but I can't find where my save is to make a copy of it so I can reset progress for myself, can anyone help me?
  4. Still can't believe I won and that I was the last name picked I've been wanting to buy the package for ages but they only accept paypal which wont work with my debit card for some reason so I'm happy I finally got one Seems I'm just having an awesome day all around cause I found out today I got a job I've been off sick for the better part of 5 years so it looks like my life is finally turning around
  5. I WANT TO BE A SLACKER BACKER FOR ADVENTURE!!! I tried to buy it but I can't use paypal and that is the only payment option. Seems like this is my only chance of getting one.
  6. Well when it launches, if someone could post back it would be nice It would be annoying spending 2 hours searching for all the cables just to find out I can't get it anyway
  7. Do I need xbox Live to download it? I'm a PS3 player normally, but I do own a box and intend on getting a kinect eventually. Will I be able to download it without paying for a subscription? Never bought anything on my xbox so not sure how it works. It's not even been plugged in for 2 years
  8. I'm deaf and they never answer my emails. I've been trying to get it working for 2 years now... I used to be able to go through checkout as a guest which worked, but they seem to have removed that.
  9. Is there anyway you could add Amazon or Google checkout payments to slacker backer, I finally have some cash but I can't use paypal (my card just wont work for some reason) but the other two work perfectly.
  10. Masked Mummy for me, the comic sold me. I went with Sweet Justice second, then Galaxy Girl.
  11. I cried I also want to say thank you to Greg, who did his best to make sure I was able to lip-read the streams, which allowed me for once to actually join in events that I am normally excluded from. This means so much more to me than words can ever say. And thank you so so much to the chat, to took it upon themselves to transcribe the final meeting for me when the background noise meant I could no longer follow what was happening. You've got some pretty amazing and compassionate fans DF, make sure you treat them well.
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