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  1. The level of polish to the UI is great. Tim's adventure games have increasingly tried to make the UI transparent so you can interact with the game environment instead of wrestling the UI. It just lets you play the game instead of trying to be the game and I think it's a great achievement.
  2. This really is just a fine example of the challenge Kickstartered projects face. People don't understand what Kickstarter means, they think it's just some kind of fancy pre-order thing and that they get to demand warranties and refunds if the result isn't to their liking. And the projects that are funded are not used to communicating to customers and getting the messaging straight. So while the OP is an obvious troll, I don't think he's completely to blame for his position in this. Wrong though he is.
  3. Only played the boy section for now and I think most of the puzzles were fine, but it was quite easy all the same. By just exploring I was able to complete most puzzles. I got stuck once or twice, but not rage-quit stuck. It actually reminded me of Kentucky Route Zero. And I loved that, so I'm fine . I think Tim did an awesome job of having the puzzles make sense and have purpose. It's usually the "how the hell should I have figured that out" puzzles that make an adventure hard and I don't miss those. However! However, I felt the game was too quick to give hints. The boy has a couple of comments that totally give those puzzles away. I'd prefer to fail once or twice before getting that hint. I, and I think lots of adventure gamers, actually don't mind getting super-stuck once or twice. So if they up the difficulty some, I wouldn't mind.
  4. A raider went after my builders, and for some reason they all piled up on each other... While the raider was one of the first to run out of oxygen, the others didn't have enough left to reach an airlock. 7 dead and I'm still trying to get morale up to something reasonable so they don't burn down my base in their mourning...
  5. My most successful attempt so far. In previous builds I needed a ridiculous amount of techs to keep it running and it would catch fire every other minute. So now I'm sticking to a single tech corridor for the most important stuff in hopes to make them work more efficient. Any derelict shows up the first thing I do is take out all the life support, beds, etc. and then the inner doors. Keeps the techs from running off and maintaining stuff not in my base. What also seems to help is having a small central pub. Everyone's there and people chat more often than in a larger one. And you've got to stuff everything with plants
  6. I've always found the lack of toilets in fiction of any kind to be really weird. So yes, awesome and totally fitting for the setting.
  7. I've taken to just having a bunch of builders deconstruct the docked "ships" and not bother doing any mining. There usually aren't enough technicians around to keep all the extra stuff up and running anyway. And the space station just simply grows too fast and spreads people out. In fact, it's kinda sad that you spend an hour building a base and then bam, something twice as large docks. As a rare late game event, this docking could work out. Right now, the balance isn't there yet.
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