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  1. It's a good thing this guy loves space so much!
  2. I wouldn't buy that, and not just because I don't have an iPhone, iPad, or iAnythingElse. I don't want a free-to-play game where I have to pay for anything interesting to happen and it basically becomes a subscription fee. I'm not going to gradually pay $30 plus for a game that reasonably should cost $10-$15 at full price and will probably go on sale for $2.50 before a year has passed. However, I think the paid alpha is a very good model when used by someone you trust. The ability to play each iteration of a game in development and give feedback on updates is fun and valuable.
  3. It looks awesome! I think Spacebase will be the first prototype I play.
  4. Star is good. I nominate Jewel.
  5. That is such a good idea. In fact, I brought it up in that same meeting you saw in the video. We mostly decided against it because we dont have immediate plans for a matter-cycle system (putting used matter of some kind into a recepticle to be recycled). But honestly, I hope it's something we come around to because it's hilarious. Awwww.... Thanks for responding. I'm glad it was discussed and that you like the idea, but I'm sad it's not in the works. I have a workaround to propose. Are you planning to have guns in the game at all (perhaps for police, guards, soldiers, etc.)? If so, instead of boring old lasers (Gasp! What did I just say?!?) they could be awesome Matter Reclamation Rays! The ones used on board ships are formatted to only work on organic matter to prevent hull damage. How do they work? If I knew that, I'd be rich. Just insert some technobabble. Anyway, this would basically have the effect of giving usable points in the form of matter for each enemy you take out (or for "population control", whatever) and would also allow dead bodies to be recycled if desired, while at the same time allowing you to avoid making a system where everything is recyclable and designing the infrastructure to go with it. All you would have to do is decide how many points a body is worth. Of course, I don't know if you have any fighting or guns planned, so this might all just go out the window.
  6. Hello. After watching the 2PP videos I was struck by a kind of strange and slightly morbid idea. You talked about what to do with people who die and it was proposed that you would have someone send the body out the airlock. It was also mentioned in another discussion that matter may be a resource. If matter is a resource, I feel like there will likely be times when the need for matter outweighs the respect for the dead. I might want to reclaim matter from dead people and use it for something useful, like building a bar. I also feel like future people living on a spacebase where matter is precious would rather have there bodies reused for the good of their community. Obviously this differs somewhat from how our current society feels the dead should be treated. It would be interesting to give people the chance to come to this realization (among others, I'm sure) through playing the game. Anyway, I think this is an interesting opportunity to make people question their morals, which isn't something we do often enough.
  7. Will the bots have different hearing ranges/limits?
  8. This game is going to look so sexy.
  9. Calling it a day at 12:47 PM? I like those hours.
  10. Did I hear something about a badger? Perhaps a piano could be incorporated into that dream as well in some fashion...
  11. I especially like the face and hair of the top-left drawing, as well as the mid-right and bottom-right ones.
  12. These look awesome, but I have to admit I'm a little confused about what's going on with the girl's hair. It seems to be tied back into a small shock of hair, but then there is also a ponytail underneath that.
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