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  1. I have already received far more value for my investment than expected by virtue of following the story as it happened. And this kind of story, in my opinion, would be valuable for anyone who loves games, business, art, technology, and Greg's beard. The documentary should be open and HD for everyone to experience. My vote is in favour of public release.
  2. Grim Fandango is my favourite game of all time. I still name my all my machines and servers after Grim Fandango characters to this day. The only game sleeve I have ever kept after all these years is the one below; I haven't owned an optical drive for over 5 years... Like many others, I am a huge fan. With Christmas coming up, I would love to start buying the Remastered Grim Fandango for friends and family as gifts. Is there any chance pre-purchase will be available through Steam? And, DF, would you kindly offer up some multiple game purchase options so I can do a lump sum purchase (5, 10, etc.)? I have a lot of younger friends who missed the parade and would like to share the adventure with them. Just say yes, and I can save some trips to the stores before Christmas... Thanks guys! I am routing hard for your success and would be happy to back you up with money! Cheers!
  3. I second that. I would love to see Greg 'My beard can beat up your beard' Rice's SideQuest. I suspect it is on the way...
  4. My kids are still flooding my living room with lava and smashing stuff via Kinect Party and AR. And now that we have the Oculus Rift DK2, we have been riding coasters, floating in space, and interacting with giant cat buses. The appeal is evident and lasting. I am a managing partner and director of operations of a tech company in the energy sector so don't generally have the opportunity to get my hands dirty with UI and code anymore... where I spent most of my earlier career. I still have my Photoshop chops and fluency in OOP and have been designing a home in SketchUp for over two years now (to be certified by a legit architect) and thought, hey, wouldn't it be cool to pick up Unity and dabble? I really considered putting together a mimicked environment with Stapley's look and feel by attempting to emulate color, shapes, and objects by sampling screenshots from Broken Age and bringing them to a single virtual construct in Unity. If I spent enough time, I am sure I could 'build a box' that felt like I was in a Reds scene; forest or indoor. Alas, there are perhaps a number of factors I have not considered, so I may be talking warm-wind from my hind region. BUT, I imagine the result of a combined effort to be appealing from a collaborative fan/hobbyist point of view. VR is the future and everyone will be fighting to find content as evident for OC a couple of months ago. In my mind ADVENTURE GAMES WILL BE THE BEST EXPERIENCES IN VIRTUAL REALITY! VR will be about storied content and is right up Tim Schafer's GHA(sic, don't ask). Alas, it is a bet that DF will most likely not be in a position to make financially. But they will be best suited to take full advantage of the new platform in a BLUE WATER MARKET. Sorry Justin Bailey; if we ever meet, my chin is all yours for a right cross. With that being said, anyone interested in collaborating on a tech demo in praise of our love of DF, maybe we can plan out a home-brew. I am sure I could put together a legal fund to fight DF IP litigation while we crank out a cool VR joint... I will be watching this thread for replies...
  5. I have been playing with my Oculus Rift DK2 and really enjoy some of the environments that people have come up with. I think it would be cool if an environment could be set up where I could hang out with the Lumberjack or the Tree. No goal other than being in a Nathan Stapley world with 3 or 4 simple interactions with the environment. The Totoro or Kamaji environments for example. Would be a pretty kick ass demo and precursor to the technology that is right around the corner...
  6. This was one of my favourite side quests. Not to diminish the value of the actual game, but the stories of the reality behind Reds have been priceless for me. Really, a big deal. Thanks DF and 2PP for opening up your world for everyone to experience!
  7. I just wanted to say thanks for the update. This is such a wonderful story with ups and downs. I am so happy I didn't choose game development as a career; I like my gallbladder right where it is.
  8. I bought this for my kids. And I am excited to play this as well.
  9. Hey Guys, sorry for not reading the updates in a while. I have been super busy working on stuffs. I will do my best to keep up-to-date on more frequently basis moving forward. I read about some challenges DF has been facing; bummer. I continue to support every little project on Steam, voting for DF with my wallet. Chin up. You have a lot of people cheering for you. I count myself among that number.
  10. I also want Double Fine to be financially successful so you can continue to make fun games for my family and I to share together... And this is my motive for contributing some ideas; please take with a grain of salt... I am a fan. The analytics team working on Mass Effect 4 put up a survey to help better understand what the players wanted (link below). The genius of the survey is that there is all kinds of intelligent segmentation going on in the background. https://www.surveymonkey.com/s/69HFZTS From the survey, they know what customers have bought, what classification of gamer they are, what parts of game development investment they value most and other preference data. From this data, the Mass Effect team better understand what the players want at a high level and this data can be used in creative and project planning sessions. If trade offs have to occur due to budget restraint, it would help the team to have a customer data input that may have weight on decisions made. Reading forums and watching player videos is a great way to gain visceral feedback. But if you can't measure it, you can't manage it. And qualifying and quantifying preference, opinion, and market data allows for pragmatic evaluation over emotional evaluation. As for execution, a tool like Survey Monkey would allow you to spin up pre-game release, post-game release, and general market surveys to constantly measure the audience preference of Double Fine games. The analytics model, the survey and market deployment could all happen fairly quickly; it has been done and done. And adding these kind of data analytics and metrics to the decision evaluation process would help fine tune the business end of the creative culture. This would eventually lead to 'fat stacks, yo'. Cheers! P.S. If you find budget for a new community manager; you could add Customer Development and Analytics to their job description.
  11. Justin, What metrics and analytics are you using to help determine sales potential for games? AF and the Kickstarter can help gauge interest of early adopters, but what tools and models do you use to assess the early and late customer majorities? You pointed out in the last documentary that you wanted to consider marketing beyond PR, but perhaps employing analytics as part of strategic market planning would be beneficial. You may find some of the concepts in the book 'Lean Analytics' may be beneficial night stand reading. The concepts are related to start up ventures, but you may find some of the ideas relevant if repurposed for games AND Double Fine in general. If you were to survey us (fans and potential customers) with specific questions that could be help determine budgets, focus development, identify markets, etc., it would help with strategic planning. I, as a fan and customer, would be happy to answer questions beyond what shirt or cereal box cover do you prefer? I suspect that anyone on the forum would be happy to contribute AND provide valuable and usable data as well. There is a lot of potential for Double Fine if you engage us... Just some thoughts from a long time fan... Cheers!
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