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  1. DAY 10. This team created such a cool prototype! Also thanks to Tucker we have Emotes! It's (basically) done! Couldn't ask for a better team or final product. You'll see more soon! Can't wait for people to try it out.
  2. OMG DAY 9 Our team made something very special today:
  3. Some damn good gifs today you guys. @Jeremy Mitchell is getting some really nice wet clay materials and VFX going on. Also featuring Jared's super nice Kiln model. And Physical animation is goofy as hell.
  4. DAY 6 Another great day of progress. We had our first multiplayer test today and turns out It's suuuper fun to fly around as a little ghost with your friends!!!!! THANK YOU @Chad Dawson!!!!
  5. Look at this crazy pottery tech Matt has working. It's so fun you guys. DAY 5
  6. Day 04! Jared got the final spirit model in with a rig. Also some terrain maps from Kristen, a quick light pass and some VFX from Jeremy.
  7. @Googolplexbyte Really cool idea!
  8. New concept art for the Arena area.
  9. Oh man, DAY TWO We've got some fun updates: Jeremy N got a whitebox version of our arena map in! And some rocks we can start using to populate the environment, Which Kristen is texturing up. Jared has been working hard on a rig where we can move arms and leg positions and scale them. And Matt has been hard at work on Pot Tech. He can fill rooms with random shaped pots that have collision. This is important!
  10. Day One! Everyone has been hard at work testing out new clay tech, building test levels, organizing design thoughts and testing out Unreal physical animation setups! Here's Zach & Jared's Test Pot walking around the test room.
  11. HI! Kiln development is kicking off shortly and I wanted to start a thread where we can post Concept Art. To start here is all the key art used in my pitch, most of which is in eye-ball destroying 4k resolution.
  12. @Talahar & @Reid_Harris_Cooper: sorry you're not into it, but thankfully the prototypes this year are extremely diverse! i know you'll get some good stuff. @TitaniumOnMars: awesome, thanks! There were some great weird-ass games from that gen. @Cheeseness: thanks Cheese!!!!!
  13. @tonber: yeah! That's a cool idea. There are all sorts of possible game modes that could be made after establishing solid vessel creation and combat. It all comes down to how much time there is to do it.
  14. @rheberling: I'm almost certain that the construction of the Vessels should happen during the match. Essentially this takes up the time that would normally be used as a respawn countdown. There will be a tradeoff between making the perfect one and getting one out quickly so you can get back out on the field and I think that will be a fun tension especially as part of a team! This also helps cut down on waiting for other players to finish their masterpiece before a match can start. @wot fanar: Yeah for sure! Buffs and powerups should be fun and I hope there is time to include them if it goes to the prototype stage! Thanks for the interest!
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