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  1. Hey Brandon. Do you plan on sharing the tools you made for this game?
  2. The Environment: Day 2

    ur really good at this stuff! even with the simple geometry an eerie, sublime atmosphere is already present...
  3. The White Birch: Voting Discussion Thread

    creative feedbackloop ;-)
  4. The White Birch: Voting Discussion Thread

    :-) that shouldn't be a problem.. here are the MP3 Files: (including a new piece) http://www.sendspace.com/file/vonn7y I'm really glad there's people out there with a love for those kind of games. very inspiring. (I propably keep making new pieces. i'll put them on my soundcloud and keep the link in this post up to date, so whoever is interested, feel free to download the stuff.)
  5. The White Birch: Voting Discussion Thread

    Hey Andy. Got really inspired by your pitch and the concept art. made me create some music: http://soundcloud.com/atomtwix/sets/the-white-birch