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  1. i wholeheartedly agree to that. and i believe we have seen a shift in that lately. eg. the "pre-orderers" are gone, at least a good protion of them Not gone, just lurking in the background bitching to themselves about the scam of crowdfunding.
  2. Does the game come with a length of rope? I feel like I'd need it after that. I have a confession to make... I've been PewDiePie this whole time, and now I'm sad. OHHHHHHGGMYGAWWWWWWW-Hey, what was South Park like? Yeah, is South Park a cool guy in real life? He seems like he would be. You sure about that? A friend of a friend said she waited on South Park's table once, and for the tip he just wrote "LOLOL NOPE!"
  3. The secret backer is PewDiePie, and as a consequence his godawful commentary will be heard throughout the course of the game. And no, it can't be muted.
  4. It is. According to Microsoft's focus groups, it's weirdness score is 72%. To put that in perspective for those who aren't involved in the industry, 72% is over 9000. Edit: I see you tried to fix your grammar mistake, but it's too late. It shall forever be immortalized in my quote! MUAHAHAHA!
  5. Yeah man, I just watched the trailer. There wasn't a laugh track telling me which parts were supposed to be funny, so I lost interest.
  6. Do you often follow the advice of clowns?
  7. Oh look! It's that person with remarkable taste! Is it just me, or are you more attractive than you were a moment ago?
  8. The campaign for Broken Age was highly experimental, and it's what paved the way for the Massive Chalice campaign. I reckon the hatred is undue.
  9. Tim Schafer sucks because he broke up the Beatles.
  10. In the same boat here. I'm kinda surprised PSN still hasn't implemented gifting...
  11. Tim Schafer once asked if he could borrow a cup of sugar, and he never gave it back.
  12. When Tim was in high school, he recklessly traveled back in time with his crazy old inventor companion. In so doing, he upset the space-time continuum and set into motion the course of events that will eventually lead to Trump's presidency.
  13. Tim said we could play games together, but it turned out the controller he handed me was unplugged the entire time.
  14. Tim Schafer shook my hand, but he held on just long enough to make it awkward.
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