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  1. GF Collector's edition box: - game disc - poster >>> - OST (the complete version) >>> - DOD travel flyers >>> - concept art book >>> - original game guide - design document >>> - Manny statue >>> - bonus documentary disc - replicas: ticket to #9, compass, dominos, sproutella bullets, robert frost baloon Tim Schafer, Sony... are you reading this?!? All of my money! Oh maaan I'd pay so much money for that. I really want those DOD travel flyers...
  2. I think you're really misinterpreting Sony's role in this. And this is a HD remaster. How many of those have you seen when they have started to cut and redefine the gameplay? Agreed. Take a look at Sony's publishing history - does anyone honestly think they expected all, or even most of them, to do AAA numbers? I seriously doubt anyone thought games like Rain, Unfinished Swan, Echochrome, Flow or Vib freaking Ribbon were going to break any sales records. Sony have a long history of supporting more niche titles, they know the value of being seen to encourage beautiful, artistic games on their platform. Rescuing a smart, beautiful, artistic game that has a 94 metacritic (with user score to match), regularly appears in all time best lists, and is on the Museum of Modern Art's acquisition list, yet had pretty much been lost to the ravages of time? Not only that, but putting it back into the hands of its original creator? That is one hell of a prestige point. I honestly doubt they're all that concerned about sales in the grand scheme of things; the marketing opportunities are worth more than it could ever sell. And forcing major gameplay changes onto it would kill that good will stone dead. Not going to happen. As to Double Fine throwing their weight around with regards to platform choice, remember that they're a small game developer in negotiations with not one, but two multinational media giants. Much as I expect that everyone is there in good faith, I would still want to pick my battles very carefully if I were in that situation. Obviously I have zero clue what's going to happen, but if I were to hazard a guess I'd say PS4/Vita first, PC 1-6 months later (Win/Mac/Linux because Double Fine are awesome). Maybe a port to mobile after that (because Disney), though OTOH that might be seen as competing with Vita. Also outside chance it turns up on the PS+ freebie list the month it comes out on PC . Disney is the publisher.
  3. Damn, thanks for that. I'll throw it on the main post. Oh wow, that's so cool Tim said they are going to ask the Grim Fandango community to use enhancements and fixes that they did themselves.
  4. So long time fans should be shafted for people like you who have not been fans of the game up until now? Because that's what happening. Get over yourself. Fans come in many forms. Grim got more applause than any game at the conferences so far. I like to think I gave more applause than anyone at the conference in my own room.
  5. Way to jump to conclusions on a game that should have worked better with a controller in the first place. Oh not to mention how much do you think it would have costed to get that IP back? Screw you.
  6. I just watched it again.... Tears in my eyes, lmao.
  7. Not positive, but by the sounds of that Tweet, sounds like Sony hauled ass to get the IP, but Sony do have games on PC so.. Maybe we might get it for PC?
  8. I may have done that too. Now all I need is for Tim to acknowledge my minor existence since i'm so far from the Americas to ever get signature from him.
  9. Haha I know man. They talking and he said 15 years, and I was sitting there hitting my knees going "GRIM FANDANGO, GRIM FANDANGO"..
  10. I think I lost my voice. I screamed, even if it's just a remaster.. I screamed so loud. I feel like a child for the moment. EDIT: I WOULD BUY A PS4 FOR THIS. HOLYSHIT
  11. Hooooooooooooooooooooooooooooly shit. I can die happy. I've been dreaming of this day for such a long time... take my everything Tim, you beast you. Some history on Grim Fandango, cheers KestrelPi for the link:
  12. great cast! took a little break from the DFA section, came back and there's a lot of news I'm happy about.
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