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  1. I was also reminded of something. http://youtu.be/BAqxEq4ylb4
  2. I would be nice to have a med-bay. Spacefolk could be rebuilt; bette, stronger, faster. They could have whether or not they are organ-donors on their statuses. "Remind me to thank Roger for the kidney if I don't make it through the next raider attack."
  3. I think I'm happier for the spacefolk than I am for myself. They've been doing push-ups and jumping-jacks so much that I know they will really appreciate it. This could lead to so entertaining SpaceFace statuses. "Saw Sandy benching twice her own weight. Remind me not to get on her bad side." "Xavier's in the gym again, someone must have pissed him off."
  4. After looking at the post's included link: http://infosthetics.com/ I would love to have well designed infographics to see what is going on in the game from different perspectives. I know nothing about infographics though.
  5. If the game simulated capitalism, then the spacefolk would be determining what gets built and who does what job. That's the genius of a market-economy, decisions of what to make (and how much of it) are determined by how much social labor-time the population is willing to put forth for it ( in the form of currency). What we currently have in this game is a pure command-economy where one central figure (the player) determines how to allocate labor.
  6. I would be fine with the spacefolk moving out and squatting in a derelict if I knew what their reasoning was. Something like "The food on the derelict is better." or "This place smells like rotted corpse, but atleast I don't have to see Lorna Spelman all the time."
  7. @ThePokerGod Are you trolling, how could you type that entire post and not mention tribbles? It's absurd!
  8. If asteroids moved very slowly, like one space every day, I think it would be fun trying to figure out which one is a higher priority to mine. If you don't mine it, it will crash into your base at a slow speed. This would also allow new asteroids to come in so you don't run out of matter.
  9. "Thomas doesn't seem the same since he came out of cryo. He smiles with only half of his mouth and his laugh is like a peacock-scream."
  10. I was thinking of something similar, but I haven't really figure out how it would work. I was trying to think of a way for them to have lots of meetings before working. If they don't have meetings, then they don't work together as efficiently (a bed might be built in the pub or no one knew who was supposed to be taking care of the oxygen recycler at the other side of the base). But a base can collapse if the spacefolk start using meetings as a way to increase their status. Different departments and different leaders in those departments start having an arms race of who has more meetings. It would be cool if this could happen due to low-level systems interacting. But I would want the game to recognize what is happening so it can report it in Spaceface. If there was a meeting-room that they used for meetings, there could be bad-blood about which department uses it too much and the frequency of meetings would be more noticable by the player. "The technicians are in the meeting-room again?!?" I don't know if meetings would really add to the game-play though because I don't know how it would inform a player-decision. If there are penalties applied to work for things like co-workers being enemies or a low-average skill among them, the player could choose what the meeting is about (choose which penalty to remove). Then the risk could be that the team will continue to have meetings as frequently as the shortest length of time between when you told them to have meetings. So forinstance, if you tell them to talk about nutrition at a meeting to remove a " doesn't like the food" penalty and then tell the same group to have a meeting 5 minutes later about how team-trust because there are a lot of enemies in the group, then that group will decide tha they can have mertingsevery 5 minutes. It doesn't sound that fun now that I've typed it out.
  11. Spaceface feed: "Can't breathe, ammonia-content reaching lethal levels. Should have told [friend] that. I loved them. Should have told [technician] that they aren't plumber material."
  12. Your idea gives me an idea. Tubes that you can use to cryogenically freeze your space people. This way, you can keep your population managable and have a back-up population if there is a disaster.
  13. It's a dazzling place we never knew. There's a hundred-thousand things to see.
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