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  1. Ok, so as of today, we have 7 votes for Hell Yeah. So, if we get 6 more yes votes, and we each chip in $1 million dollars...
  2. This. I thought exactly this. I was SURE Marek was just the adolescent version of Yarn Pals (Yarn Pals: The Yarnening?) and the secret was going to be Shay discovering why his mother didn't really want him to grow up. Then when Act 2 came about, I was just like, oh, ok. Guess that was just misdirection? Or maybe a missed opportunity. Still enjoyed the game, but definitely wanted to +1 your idea, cuz I thought the same thing while playing.
  3. I think making them public is a fine idea. It's been a blast being behind the scenes all this time, but there is no more scene to hide behind.
  4. I loved the episode, loved the game, and loved the entire 2PP experience documenting the company's experience making the game. I hope you make more adventure games in the future, and that you continue to open things up to people like me who want to see what it is like behind the scenes. I hope you do more Amnesia Fortnights. I hope you do a sequel to Psychonauts. And I hope you continue to ignite a fun loving gaming community on this forum. It has been a great pleasure spending my time with you these past three years, and I hope it isn't goodbye, just see you real soon.
  5. Darn you for making me update my Flash player. I was hoping I was done with that forever. I was hoping Flash would die die die a horrid death. But no. I am updating so I can watch, darn you DoubleFine.
  6. Wow, thanks for that! It was the vault in the caravan section I'd missed. I was sure I got everything there. I would never have thought to go back to it, so huge thanks for that. On most of the levels I've completed so far, I've gotten all baggage, vaults, cobwebs and figments. I've gotten all of the other stuff on most except maybe 2 to 5 or so figments on Milla's Dance Party, Basic Braining and Sasha's Shooting Gallery. They are either too hard for me to leap to, or I've replayed the level so many times and still can't find them I've given up. Does it matter? I'm guessing it affects something like getting the Steam Level 101 badge, but hopefully I don't have to get them all to finish the game.
  7. I finally bought Psychonauts during the Steam Summer sale, (and can I just say, WOW! This is a great game! Wish I'd heard about it years ago!) and for some reason I didn't punch a vault in the Brain Tumbler experiment the first time around...I'm nearer the end of the game than the beginning now, and was going through and mopping up old vaults, bags and cobwebs I didn't hit the first time around. But I cannot get the 2nd vault in the brain tumbler experiment. I know the location of both vaults (I think I got the one at the beginning of the experiment, but accidentally fell down the shaft to the tank battle before I got the second vault) I figured I'd get it later...but now when I get up to the top of the vine tower where the first time around you see Dogen's brain being pulled out, I see a window that won't let me into the tower. How do I get the second vault? Anyone?
  8. I just finished Broken Age. (First time I've clapped and watched the entire credits of a video game.) Then a strange sadness fell over me, as I realized I just finished Broken Age, and the 3 year saga is now mostly complete. I still have that new sidequest to watch, and hoping for one or two more doc episodes, and I might replay BA to get some of the achievements that I blew right past on my way to beating my head against some of the harder puzzles. (Yes, Act 2 was much harder, pleasantly so!) So, what is next for Double Fine? Will us peasants and hangers on still get to glimpse the inner workings of this wonderful game studio? Will there be any more games using the game engine and dialogue system that you created for Broken Age? Will you do another Amnesia Fortnight with video documentaries? Is there ANYTHING you can tell us about what you are working on, or am I going to have to find another set of forums to lurk on for fun? I will miss it here if you say no...even though I haven't posted often...
  9. What a great episode. DoubleFine, please keep the relationship with 2 Player Productions...the videos have been one of the most wonderful parts of the Broken Age/Amnesia Fortnight experience for me. I love that you peel back the curtain this way, and I feel a kinship to all of the Reds cast and crew, current and former employees. It was so sad to hear about the layoffs, I hope everyone landed at another opportunity that really lets them flesh out their talents and makes them happy. I hope that whatever the half-done game project was that DoubleFine comes up with a way to bring it to market even without the publisher backing. I hope DoubleFine makes more adventure games using this game engine. And I can't wait to get my hands on the full copy of the game. Woohoo! Just a few more days!
  10. Tim Schafer, I tip my hat to you for being such a decent, stand up kind of guy, and for doing all that you do. I'm really sick of the social media pile on and wish people would just remember to be decent to each other. Keep on keeping on, and I can't wait for Act 2. Greg
  11. I just want to say I love Doublefine. Thanks for another great episode. Can't wait for the game, and I truly hope you keep going with 2 Player Productions in the future after Broken Age is finished. This has been one of my favorite shows, and I hope we will get more seasons in the future!
  12. Anna, thank you for posting that. I enjoyed hearing Lee's presentation! I hope that some of his remarks in the talk mean that DoubleFine is willing to keep doing work that will enable backers to be involved. He alluded to things you'll do differently next time for backers and things you will put out public to all. I hope I have another chance to be a backer of one of your adventure games in the future. All the griping aside, for me it has been a great and worthwhile experience, and it's been great getting to know the team behind the magic behind the game.
  13. I finished the game a few days ago and have been meaning to say THANK YOU DOUBLEFINE for such a fantastic, fun game. I loved every minute of it. I got 17 out of the 18 Steam badges...doubt I will go back to get the Candy Corn in every battle badge...that takes some serious dedication, and anyone who gets it deserves it. I liked the addition of the ability to eat candy instead of finding a water fountain to recharge, though I think it would be better if the candy hit was larger than 25 pieces (maybe 100 or even 250 would have made sense, so the player would be less reliant on it.) I think that made it a little easier than it needed to be, but it certainly came in handy for me a bunch of times in the game. If you ever decide to make a Costume Quest 3, I'll be one of the first in line. It was a really fun time.
  14. Yes, I dropped the resolution significantly, turned off anti aliasing, and always use directx9. Otherwise it is ridiculous to play. I accidentally opened the game from the desktop icon once, instead of through steam. The desktop icon automatically chooses Directx11. I couldn't battle at all. It is so funny watching my version vs. the video I saw. There, the clown is Bouncy! Bouncy! Bouncy! Bouncy! Bouncy! On mine, the clown is ...bounce...bounce...bounce.... My laptop is just a little too slow for this, but I am still enjoying the game.
  15. Wow...so, you finished it in 6 hours. That is crazy! But then I am the one who was asking about how to fix things so my slow laptop close to the minimum requirements could even play the game...I just recently watched a walkthrough video clip with a battle being shown, and on a better computer the game plays at lightning speed compared to what I am playing on my PC. I'm probably battling at half the speed that most other folks get. I've gotten used to the timing in this slow play in regard to when to hit 1, 2, etc in battles, so I am not going to try to change any more settings, but I am very jealous. Even the cutscene special abilities are superfast compared to what I get to see.
  16. What? It gets even better? Yay Doublefine! Can't wait for combo attacks and decimation of those pointy headed beings. :-)
  17. KestrelPI, when you say combo attacks did you mean combat special attacks, using the lightning bolt thing, or am I missing something?
  18. I am LOVING this game (now that I can play it!) Here's another dumb question: when you are in combat you can see icons next to the superhero dude when he's active that show green teeth and a wrench, and something similar on the clown dude. Is this just a reminder that this costume has a plus against monsters and minus for tech, and the clown plus for magic and minus for monsters, or can you somehow click on those to add or subtract to attacks or something? I also see sometimes the candy corn is hit and then you see Red teeth, and wasn't sure if this is just signifying a monster attack hit her, or if it meant something else? I never played the original game so I'm just trying to understand things on this version. Love the gameplay now, and the costumes, and the MUSIC is fantastic!
  19. Thanks, Nmalinoski. That finally made sense. But honestly the big problem was the frame rate. I opened the dx9 build, went down to 1200x800 resolution and that turned everything off. Then I had to turn antialiasing to the blank choice, and I could finally get through the tutorial. It's still hard but at least now I can play it. Helps to have my tablet open so I could get this question answered while I tried to figure it out again.
  20. If someone could give me advice on what advanced features to turn off so that I have a decent chance at playing the game at an acceptable framerate, I'd appreciate it. I don't know which options to choose that would downscale the rate and up the speed most effectively. Thanks in advance. Still can't get the darn tutorial to work. It's frustrating. Am I supposed to hit 1 then 1 again when the smaller circle turns white?
  21. Downloaded it from Steam as soon as it was available...I am not sure my laptop is powerful enough to enjoy this game. And I do mean stupid questions. It took me ~10 minutes to figure out how to get the characters into the magical portal. There wasn't anything to explain that you needed to walk over there and hit the spacebar. Once I finally reviewed the options in the middle portal, I didn't understand that Tab and J wouldn't work until you got through the intro part of the game. I thought all of my keys weren't working or engaging correctly. 1) do you need to use a game controller to play this? I don't own one. But movement seems really hard with WASD and spacebar and mouse. I got to the crow dude trying to tutor me on how to use the superhero costume, but after 15 minutes trying to hit 1 and then 1 again when the circle got small near his head, I gave up. I also tried 1 to initiate the action, and then spacebar when the circle seemed to be on target. Nothing worked for me. 2) this may be a stupid question, but is there no voice dialogue in this game? I just see word bubbles but do not hear any actors saying the text? I kinda figured it would be like broken age, but having never played CQ1, maybe this is how it is supposed to be? 3) everything moves really slow. But the music and sound effects are at the right speed. Is this because my graphics card is too weak? I have an HP Envy Touchsmart Sleekbook 4 with Intel Core i3 processor at 1.80 Ghz, 4GB RAM, Win 8.1, and an Intel HD Graphics 4000 card. 4) Is there an easy way to quit the game? I had to hit ESC to go to options menu, then all the way back to main menu, then had to walk over to the left portally thingy and hit spacebar to exit. Since the graphics seem abnormally slow this took a really really really long time. -G
  22. I haven't ever been much of a poster on this forum, but I want everyone on the great DoubleFine team to know that I'm a happy backer. I've gotten so much out of watching the documentary for this and for Amnesia Fortnight, and I really had a great time playing Part 1 of Broken Age. I'm not upset that Act 2 hasn't been put out yet, and I'm not upset that there hasn't been a documentary video recently, though I am eager to see the next one and play the end of the game. I am grateful that Tim Schafer let us take a peek at his creative process and let us get to know a little bit about game development and the personalities that live and work in the DoubleFine family. I just wanted to send some lurrv your way, since there are so many grumpy comments on this forum. If you are working at DoubleFine, I hope you know how rare it is to have a work environment where people are so supportive of one another. Keep doing the good work you do, thank you all for being so fun and open in the videos. I appreciate that you pulled back the curtain despite the chance that it could invite criticism. Can't wait for Costume Quest 2 and all the other fun games in your future.
  23. Ok, here's my two cents. 1) If you only choose one, please make Mnemonic. I HAVE to know what the frump the heart thingy story leads to. I just have to. Mnemonic was always my top game, and it DID NOT disappoint. I loved the story, the gameplay, the noirish feel, the art, the lighting..everything. A total adventure game experience with great art and story. 2) Dear Leader was always in my top three, and it too was awesome and fun. Loved the art, story, ability to customize, and the idea itself is just too fun. Definitely can be played multiple times with added fun each time. I think this is the most likely game for iOS/Android tablets out of the lot of them, and would love to play it on my iPad. 3) Steed was gorgeous, and had fun gameplay. I think if I were more into console gaming with a nintendo like controller I'd be more into this kind of game. I have always been more an adventure game lover than an action/attack type game, so this isn't as interesting for me, but still did enjoy the prototype. 4) Little Pink Best Buds was wacky, screwy, disturbing fun, but has so many challenges ahead of it to make it work smoothly. I think because it was so ambitious for two weeks, there were so many things that didn't really click for me in the game. I'm more skeptical, I guess, about this one working out. Take those two cents for what they are worth...and thanks for asking for all this feedback...
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