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  1. LPBB Feedback

    This is definitely the strangest and probably hardest of the prototypes It took me quite a bit to finish to be honest, i wasn't really sure what i was doing any of the time, i died at least 10 times before and after the house part (the ones after the house scene being so disappointing because i knew i had to try and get back to the house part again. which took ages for me to get through the dialog. Although some were shorter than others which confused me, i don't know if it is supposed to happen at a certain point or not) Then when i finally figured out what to do in the house, it took me ages to figure what to do after that part. It was still fun though, i still had fun playing it. It's a lot different to what i imagined from the pitch, but theres no harm in that. if anything it was fun seeing things happen out of nowhere i didn't expect. In ways it was somewhat morbid :L During the documentary series i heard a few people working on it describe it as "creepy" and i should've picked up on it then but at the time i just thought "how is it creepy?" well now i know! haha I really liked this prototype, it was more interesting then i thought it would be, a lot more to it and it goes a lot deeper than i thought it would. The wicked end was really intriguing and i don't think i know even now what the hell was going on but it was fun! and i would love to see a full version of this!
  2. Steed Official Feedback Thread

    I was really quite amazed with this one, i won't lie. I wasn't really all that hyped for this one compared to others, but holy crap was it a slap in the face when i booted it up. I was completely taken back by just how AMAZING it looks. I know there wasn't much to this prototype "story" wise but just running around as a horse was enough for me, the graphics and art and everything was so surprising! it looks SO dang good dag nab it! I took more of a shining to this then i thought i would and i'm super impressed with it, along with everyone else i'm sure. This is a wonderful prototype the whole team should be so proud. :')
  3. Mnemonic Feedback

    Just played through it, bit late but hey hoe. I really loved this one! it is amazing and the lighting is beautiful. The whole concept is just so awesome and i love the gameplay! it's a more unique kind of adventure/puzzley game and i was really impressed how it was tied together from door to door. The ending was great as well! Never have i actually been so enthusiastic to want to know what the hell is going on and what happens next. :') was like, holy crap what are they playing at!? OH i can't wait to see what happens next sh*t is going dow-AW it ended For the project that started off like it did, and was the questionable one as to if it would get there or not, you guys really did pull it out of the bag. You should all be so proud of yourselves, you made an amazing prototype!
  4. AF14 2PP Daily Videos?

    Came here to see if anyone else was getting the problem it's at 15:30 for me. Glad it isn't just me though
  5. Surprising to see how far a community project has come, it's really starting to look great though! i was pleasantly surprised! keep up the good work

    haha that would be amazing :') i second this.
  7. I thought Ether looked pretty interesting, not really sure exactly what it was about it that caught my attention, but i liked the art style and the general concept of it was a little disappointed it wasn't chosen, but then again there was a lot of good ideas this year, it was actually hard to pick just a few. I think there are quite a few of the non-chosen ones that would have a good shot on kickstarter.
  8. The fifth Hillbilly painting is an urban myth.

    i can't find it either... for the life of me, i can not find that bloody fifth painting. I've done so many playthroughs, to try get the achievements... one of them being you need the hillbilly and to play through like 3 times with the hillbilly and every character at least once... and still... even then, i can't find it. :L i'm starting to hope its a bug or something, because the thought of it being somewhere painfully obvious every time, makes me angry x'D and I've googled it a few times, there's a quite a few people i have found that are stuck on the fifth painting, and only that one :L
  9. i laughed so hard at the end x'D i'm really starting to like 2 player productions.
  10. Steam release?

    ?? its up? really? edit: oh wow. iv been waiting days for the steam release, checking the page every day for the steam keys and whatnot. didnt even release they were auto added to my library. well don't i feel stupid.