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  1. On the contrary I was a bit sad when Black LAke didn't made it into the top 4 initially since its the one I'm most interested to play.I bought in the bundle anyway.So I was very happy when it got included.Definitely a job well done for a 2 week prototype.Basing from what I saw on the livestream it is how I thought it would be from the pitch,I especially love the Mizayaki-esque feel Oh and also the tree with a beard reference to Andy? = win.Well what more can I say congrats to Team Black Lake and Im looking forward to trying it out soon.
  2. White Birch looking good, the lighting and the overall mood is spot on. Now I know its pretty late in the game but during the last livestream I saw how easy you were able to make color adjustments.I mean from full color to sepia. So I had this idea which I posted on the chatbox about having some sort of color grading as you go up the tower. Basically you start of grayscale or perhaps desaturated bluish hues /monotone then eventually as you go higher you'll have full color with warm reds and yellows. I think the progression from cool to warm go well with the theme and also can serve as a visual cue of the progress you make as you climb the tower. Just my two cents though but overall I think you guys are doing an awesome job with the prototype can't wait to play it.So yeah cheers. P.S. Jane can you post some of the watercolor painting you did of tress I believe,I'm a sucker for those kind of artworks since its my most favorite traditional medium
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