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  1. I'm not sure if this has been said yet but on OSX, the game will not launch outside of Steam. Obviously, it won't launch once you remove Steam either. People were mentioning this earlier. So, that's not cool. I completely understand the people who are disappointed by this. I hate DRM and I hate not being able to re-sell my games.
  2. I voted mostly yes because it seems it'll be somewhat shorter than what I was hoping for (Grim Fandango length). I think the game was a RIDICULOUSLY GOOD VALUE for original $15 backers, extremely good value for $30 slacker backers, and I was VERY pleased with the art and sound design of the game. The story has me hooked just like Tim intended. The walking animations of the characters are a bit clunky, but the remaining animations are good and mesh well with the art style. Considering the game budget and everything else, this game is a triumph and I am very happy I backed it. I can't wait for the next documentary part!
  3. Here is mine. I hope you enjoy those youtube tags in their brackets. F6wT6zRBBM8
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