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  1. I understand that E grabs as well but no matter what, any grab will begin to push in the direction I am looking. Any other ideas? Edit: finally understood your suggestion and was able to pull it. It is a major mistake to expect users to use the mouse to grab things and have it function much worse than the E button. The E button is entirely unintuitive because it is right next to the MOVE key so I am expected to use 1 finger to hit two buttons. The solution is to fix the mouse controls. It's pretty broken.
  2. This is so incredibly annoying, it's ruining the game for me. Is this specific to PC keyboard+mouse controls? Steps to reproduce: Go up to a pushable object Click My character pushes forward about 3 steps very slowly even if I'm holding a direction. While continuing to hold this direction it is not moving at all and I have to tap a couple times to get it to actually control it and start moving it. This produced an issue for me on The Island. PUZZLE TEXT SPOILERS & IN YOUTUBE LINK!!!!! I'm trying to grab hold of my boat and I cannot grab it because my character insists upon pushing it back in the water. Just on the cusp of being able to control my character, I am too deep in the water and I lose my grip on the boat. I can't progress!
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