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  1. Hidden Top Tower

    Oh Andy ! I'm so happy to see you here. Congratulation for this prototype. I'm a student who studying programing since 4 years now, so i know how hard you worked to obtain this result in two weeks, so congradulation to all your team. Please do everything you can to make it as a full game. =)
  2. Hidden Top Tower

    Jane can you please put a ladder to clim to the top of the tower ? =D Just kidding, congratulation for the prototype, it's just awesome.
  3. Hidden Top Tower

    Unfortunately i don't think so. =(
  4. Do you know that the top of the tower is implemented in the game ? To see it, go directly to the right when you spawn. Walt through the wines and you will see a big wine on the ground. Continue to walk straight and walk through the big walls representing the background of the forest. You will finaly see it =)