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  1. I was watching several of the videos and watched the Q&A and it got me brainstorming. Have you given any thought as to what to call the people that exist as a general term? like.... [simis] short for simian which is short for planet of the apes I know you want to stay away from business as so far as it pertains to game goals... would it be possible instead for your entire economy system be about providing for your population? Like... if you were to not have furnished rooms but rather traders that sell the parts of a "room". Take a residence, instead of instant furnishings instead the pay you give your pop goes to the buying of goods to make their locations fit their personalities. As the room becomes "complete" over the life time of station the worker becomes happier. The more you pay them the faster they complete their room and overall the happier they are. If they were to die then the room resets as a new tenet comes into play. you could even put time into play, much like how the TV has evolved over time and older ones die, the room will slowly age as new tech is released every 6 months of ingame time.
  2. (if I may) if you push it one step further you can use the music to inform the player of how long the danger has been occurring. Lets say you make it to milestone 3 and danger hits the station. Instead of a instant transition every 5-10 seconds a layer of music is removed until you reach danger level music, and once danger is averted it ramps back up at 2-4 seconds for each variation until you reach the last hit milestone track. It becomes harder to know if there is danger the more milestones you pass.
  3. makes sense, I wish you luck. I am just glad you are not biting off more than you can chew with your music I haven't see a good sim game on PC in years (rooting for you guys all the way) just a thought, for the danger layer you could easily go in the opposing direction (and make it more serious at the same time) of fading out sound and leave a bass and single melody line from the original. That way you dont run the risk of the milestone track and danger track of ever conflicting.
  4. Just be careful then, because 2 situational tracks is easier to make then trying to make a track that can upscale sound appropriate. aka, if your sound starts out with a nice bass how do you make it more dangerous? And the more variables you throw at it the harder it is the modify. aka, if danger layer can be added, and milestones can be added how do you make them function together? is danger just a faster tempo? or does it add drums. If it adds drums how many? I fear you run the risk of either the milestones or danger becoming weaker in order to incorporate them both. The only thing I can think of is making the base song as minimalistic as possible as to allow each of the milestones and dangers to add to rather than just compliment.
  5. I really liked the sample, and I have been thinking since this is a prototype for the sake of simplicity you really need only 2 tracks. They just have to be interesting. Track 1 a standard track Track 2 a danger track (only add more if you have time) Your sample reminded me of the Indie game FTL (faster than light) which its music doesn't get boring. Here is a map track. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v_Njdszuix4 Here is a battle track https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7_9gzC7fX68 both dont get boring and convey the situation to the player very nicely. The music captures (at least I believe) the sense of wonder that a space sim requires.
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