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  1. There's a nice way to opt out though, don't install the game. If you do you indeed agree to the EULA, but there's a way not to agree to it, don't play.
  2. Have you played the WadjetEye games? Blackwell games are truly great. They're pretty good, but I think whats funny, is that the Yahtzee series is still better.
  3. What's funny is that Full Throttle wasn't that hard honestly, both Monkey Island 2 before it and Grim Fandango after it was harder.
  4. The story is fully comparable to any of the old adventures, the charm as well. The difficulty is actually not much lower than Full Throttle, it just streamlines some of the really dumb things about Full Throttle puzzle design. However, grimd fandango Monkey Island and Dott was indeed a lot more elaborate in puzzle design. With that said, this was a very enjoyable experience to me, that still required me to actually think. I did remember Tim say that Act 2 ramps up the difficulty. I mean I'M a person who even liked Gabriel Knight: Sins of the Fathers and some of the puzzle difficulty is psychotic, because the themes were exciting, I do like my difficulty. However, I was mostly lost in the world of this game, and I didn't get upset over it. EDIT: I'm starting to read a bunch of really dumb suggestions in the comments now. Reducing the art budget doesn't automatically increase the design quality because omg more money. The actual quality of design is exceptional, because it feels natural and quite satisfying to run through the world and the events, you do feel involved. It was a conscious decision to go this way not any other way, which does sadden me. ALSO ALSO, the midi soundtracks and "bad graphics" of the old Lucas games weren't cheap, and even when they were, they were worth a lot more than what they paid for them. Lucas games have exceptional art and music that we almost NEVER get these days, some of the highest quality stuff, in this department this game definitely delivered, thinking that doing that would've been cheap is completely insane. Hell pixel art is probably *more* expensive at this point, since digital painting pipelines are a lot more streamlined.
  5. Is this seriously a 5 page thread? It's on Steam to deploy patches since, this is not shipping code. Deploying separate DRM free versions would cost more and be more pointless work.
  6. I'm pretty sure there's an Oblivion(2013) style explanation, whereby every mog has a shay clone in it, 1 guy broke down and actually grew into an adult. I constantly had a feeling that Marek was an intentional part of the whole, thing. I think there were some subtle hints even, but that may just have been me, I'll look out for it in a second play through. Wild Idea: If the Shay clone idea is real, is it possible that there's only male specimen? What if the maidens that the Mogs eat are actually meant to be brides for the Shays, and possibly the parallel between shay and vella is that they were "meant" for each other through this sick mechanism? Shay constantly tries to rescue(kidnap) maidens that Marek warns him against, which is exactly why he ends up crashing and outside the ship, while Vella refuses to be kidnapped/eaten by a Mog, which is why she ends up inside one, but not actually eaten.(ergo in a way they are alike) The only issue is that why would 1 mog catch a lot of maidens, when there's only one Shay per Mog? edit: Oh damn I double posted, oh mod gods please merge this!
  7. Also, the last minigame, where u try to catch the maiden, it's really frustrating because it's hard to hit her, which makes sense becaue ur constantly dodging him as Vella.
  8. I'm just guessing here, but I think they don't want to deploy a DRM free copy that can't update, when the games still unfinished/buggy. Steam is nice, because they can roll out updates seamlessly. Do you remember what patching was back in DRM free/ serial key days? Fileplanet, yeah. GoG has it's own patcher before somone mentions that, not sure if DF could afford to spend time on that for the sake of a handful of products. I love it how you people act like you're some amazing human beings for not wanting to use Steam, even though it has probably the best and most seamless content management system in the industry.
  9. I'm on a Phenom II X4 965, GTX 670 and 4GB of RAM(yeh ik, I won the 670 on a raffle) and running on Windows 8.1. Every time the game loads(into the actual game, not the menu) it locks up precisely twice before carrying on.(for about 1-2 seconds) In most scenes, when I drag and drop items, there's stutter/lockup when I drag it over hotspots, not ALL scenes however. This is mostly fine, but it was particularly annoying in this scene: *see attachment* PS.: One more bug, you can interact with the Hipster Lumberjacks mailbox from a plane that's behind the actual mailbox, resulting in you opening it and then being teleported back behind it to actually walk up to it. I assume this is a conflict between the multiple planes the walkable areas and the clickable hotspots in front of the Hipster Lumberjacks house.
  10. Guys, I contacted support about the Fairest Game Giveaway issue, here is the response:
  11. Yeah, same for me as well, highly possiblé edit: List of people who could be affected. adakos shay levy BenDrake engdan Lady Laiana QuoteRadar Toff Leroy Octopus ForgottenJedi93 Kaabeus marcowy Ghostduckie Mindestens knuff SteveBB Hooch ALPHATT JuniperMD The Postman RazTehWaz
  12. That's becuase there was a seperate Double fine bundle where if u backed $35+ u got backer access. Anyhow, I checked unclaimed purchases and all that, but It's not there, I think this has to be fixed by double fine. Also, makomk, please stop being a drama queen, that's basically just a disclaimer to deal with accidents. Even if you could sue them, the joke amount of damages would not justify the legal costs, so you would never do it in the first place, please calm down and just play your game.
  13. Somone just posted a picture of a $15/slacker backer tier code, that he redeemed. We are getting it, anyone who backed is getting it. Let me put it this way, if you're posting in this forum, you are getting it.
  14. Yeah but it isn't even supposed to work. We haven't tied the humble bundle link to our humble accounts. The way these things work is that they are unqiue links, and u can choose to tie it to your account, so u can find it later, and o others can't redeem it. We're supposed to receive this link from double fine, so trying resender is basically pointless.
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