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  1. Hack&/: I voted for this, because I like Zelda and messing with the innards of games. Probably my 2nd favorite of them all. Spacebase DF-9: No vote. I've never played Dwarf Fortress or a similar game, and this doesn't seem to be any different. And I'm not really a fan of micromanaging. But I'll certainly give the prototype a try. White Birch: I love ambient games with a good atmosphere, thats why I originally voted for this. But because I preferred Black Lake, I rescinded my vote to give BL a better chance. Autonomous: Programming robots to do my bidding, or in this case some hopefully amusing and exciting stuff? Yes please. But like WB I didn't vote for this because I was trying to get BL in the top 4. Black Lake: Like WB, but adventure instead of platforming. And the dream concept and tracking seemed promising. This was my favorite one, so I was incredible happy AF got expanded to five games instead of four. Sadly I could only vote once for this. KAIJU PILEDRIVER: Yes, all caps, because Brad. This got my vote, because I like such simple games with rogue-like elements a la Binding of Isaac and FTL, and also you get to destroy cities as a giant monster. (btw was Brad responsible for Lungfishopolis?) Milgrim: Got my vote, because it looked like a new and interesting spin on the tower defense genre. Bragging & Fighting: Never played any game like this, and it looked like it could be fun, so this got my vote. The Knockover: Also voted for this. Planning a heist, and executing it perfectly would be immensely satisfying. Silent But Deadly: Didn't vote for this. It seemed a bit too stupid in my opinion. CritterVerse: Can't remember if I voted for this. Seems like a Zelda-style puzzle game + pokemon. Echelon: Got my vote because it reminded me of Uplink, which I enjoyed immensely. The Flock: Can't remember if I voted for this, but I should have. It's a very interesting concept, despite not really looking like much of a game. Bad Golf: No vote. Although it sounded fun at first, I can't see myself playing much less enjoying this for more than 10 minutes. Battle Bros.: No vote. It seems to be ridiculous for the sake of being ridiculous and otherwise a standard RPG. Also I hate frat bro's. Primordial Slime: No vote. Seemed like a generic physics puzzle game. Also not a fan of mobile gaming. Cloud Prix: Probably voted for this. Could have been a nice racing game. Redbot's Reboot: No vote. I think I already played a few flash games like this. And Autonomous is a more interesting robot programming game. Flopulus: No vote. Again, a generic physics puzzle game. Turk: Never seen a full fledged game based on that concept, but in the end didn't sound that interesting to me. No vote. Shine Run: No vote. I'm not a fan of objective based driving games. Zumbi Chained: Novel concept, but I suck at fighting games and don't like games with co-op as a main mechanic. No vote. Double Fine High: Probably the only game that gets a clear "no" from me. Every other on was at least a "meh". Like I already mentioned, I'm not a fan of mobile gaming, and like such puzzle fighting games even less.