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  1. Fun Fact: John Cygan is the voice for Solidus Snake from MGS2 So now Solidus is a Spoon...
  2. There's quite a few good voices here! Really excited to hear them in-game.
  3. At first I didn't really care for having Same Sex Couples in the game because of the Bloodline themes of the game being mostly interpreted at a biological standpoint. Personally, being a bisexual man myself, I love when games include Same Sex relationship options, but it didn't seem to make sense in what we already knew about the game and its mechanics. However THIS is a great solution is that "Bloodline" skills being both genetic traits AND family upbringing. Surrogate and Adoption methods into same sex couples could be very good strategic options when perhaps making peace between two rival houses or just optimizing traits to make the best possible warriors. And if the game just so happens to avoid some kind of unintentional "heterosexual upbringing supremacy" message, and perhaps set an example that homosexual parental upbringing is just as good, then that's all well and good too! Glad that something like this is actually being brought up.
  4. I missed DFA and had to settle for Slacker Backer... Also recent projects like TUG I couldn't fund because it didn't fall into a time where I had money... ...however the time for redemption is now! I'm not gonna just settle for the base minimum as usual... no instead I plan to give my biggest Kickstarter backing yet! One month, one bloodline, $100; House Yocca Or Bust!
  5. Hey Brad! I am so excited for MASSIVE CHALICE! (will never type it without all caps, just not possible, its too MASSIVE!) Been having a blast after backing Broken Age, but this time I want to do MORE! My goal as a backer is to collect $100 this month; House Yocca or Bust! (Though if I get enough for the t-shirt and poster as well that would also be sweet!)
  6. Well this is me gushing about DFA/Broken Age/Reds. EWDgsgPZZv0 I tried my best to find something that looked like I was sporting team colors for Double Fine...
  7. My suggestions: Binary Distant Solidarity Perfect Strangers Deuce Duality Vagabonds Wander Wayward Union Concord Vagrants Wayfarers I'm not really too good on names, I just throw words together. So if anyone wants to tweak these go on ahead. Just here to hopefully inspire!
  8. I actually kinda liked the idea of the game being called Double Fine Adventure. Certainly its a bit of a clumsy title, but its been around for about a year now and its kinda stuck with me. Oddly it does share some themes of the game too. There are 2 parallel adventures, thus "Double" and "Adventure" make sense. I figured since its such a famous name that would be the final name of the game. Easy for even people who barely know of the game to identify what it is immediately at launch. "Oh, this was that big Kickstarter thing people were talking about a while ago. Maybe I should check it out!" But I guess if someone does come up with a really good name it shouldn't be ignored. So far none of the names really jump out at me (The Divide is probably the best, props to FlatFoot).
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