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  1. This is a small bug fix patch. Thanks go out to our players who have been helpful reporting issues and sending us save games. Patch Notes: Bug Fixes: * Fixed occasional crash when deploying with drunk hero who meets up with a wrinkler that turns their hair grey. * Fixed Issue with Lapse knockback killing a hero with collision damage sometimes teleporting the hero's dead body. * Fixed bug with the crop duster skill. Crop dusting chance now +100% * Fixed the "one day at a time" bug from the "Complications" events that could cause the timeline to stop every day. * Fixed Trainees sometimes being kicked out of the Keep and becoming eligible for Standard assignment when previewing them on the regent selection screen. * Misc localization translations fixes. Features: * Added "GamepadEnabled" config launch flag. Add "-cfg GamepadEnabled=false" without the quotes to your launch options to disable controller support if it is causing issues.
  2. Some great heart melting story moments from Tom Chick at Quarter To Three in his game diaries. Fun read: http://www.quartertothree.com/fp/category/game-diaries/
  3. Time fist can go 1 turn up to many years into the future, sometimes even too oblivion where you never see them. I just had an idea for a patch or dlc. What if we we also sent them into the past, writing them into your old save games! No, that would be too sinister.
  4. MASSIVE CHALICE V1.01 patch is now live on steam and soon on Humble and GOG. A big thanks goes out to those who helped test the beta patch List of fixes [*] Fixed issue with Wrinkler attacks against blinded, flarrowed, or drunk characters occasionally crashing the game after a loading a tactical battle save game. [*] Fixed issue with "Complications" story event sometimes causing a crash 15-25 years later if the father became a scholar. [*] Bulwarks will no longer adjust their shots to hit additional stealthed heroes behind their target. Visible heroes are fair game. [*] Child Tendencies should cancel out correctly when paired with someone of opposite tendencies. [*] Fix for a missing pit blocker in the Mangrove Keep map that could allow a Cradle death-spawned seed to be stuck and unattackable by melee. [*] Fix for PS4 and XB1 controller rumble timing when used on PC. [*] Fix rare case where a partner could remarry but then be kicked out of new keep if a new regent was assigned to the old keep. [*] Game should no longer switch back to mouse mode when using a gamepad and the mouse pointer is left on the window border. [*] Misc Localization typo/fixes. [*] Murch's #9 buff now increases lifespan just once, not repeatedly. They'll die like the rest of us, now. Yep. Such is life. [*] Ramcap cabers should no longer be sometimes converted to relics anymore if equipped and a hero is given a relic in Story Events.
  5. I've definitely had the same feeling. During development, I certainly appreciated all the backer creativity but am a bit more serious and was probably the most likely to suggest "That should be in the non-thematic (silly) category" more often than others *looks at Anthony* I've been known to kill off a character in a battle just because I didn't like his battlecry. Hmm. Maybe a little X or something you could click on the corner of each sigil in the bloodline picker to indicate "never give me this bloodline", might work.
  6. Nice interview with our composers for MC: Brian Trifon and Brian White, that I saw linked in twitter. Click on the Listen button under the picture. http://www.classicalmpr.org/story/2015/04/23/top-score-brutal-honesty-brings-success-on-massive-chalice
  7. Thanks for the feedback ThunderPeel, it's on our radar. Stay tuned
  8. Thanks wykstrad. There is a known bug that the popup tutorial window about skill points may come up even if none of your heroes has any skill points to spend, but it should stop hounding you after you eventually spend one.
  9. It should be working for hybrids and it goes by primary class.
  10. Thanks for the feedback lightshade! Most of these are on our radar. There's definitely a longer pause with "obscured" for some reason that I've been meaning to look into for a while, and also maybe only make it show up if you end your move on that tile not just pass through. With "fortified", maybe we can combine them into one like "enemy spotted" does.
  11. Are you guys using crucibles and standards? Also are any of the kids fast/slow learners?
  12. The forced letterboxing intentional and is intended to address graphics issues (mostly UI related) with odd aspect ratios. We are looking into the Mac and Linux steam screenshot corruption issue. As a workaround on Mac you can use cmd-shift-3 or 4 to take a screenshot instead of the steam hotkey. (See http://support.apple.com/en-us/HT201361)
  13. JFarceur is correct. The cradle bomb is similar to the alchemist grenade in that it targets the ground with an AOE blast, not the character, so the character's evasion does not factor in. The cradle's bomb does decrease in accuracy with distance (also similar to alchemist grenades), so the best defense against cradle bombs is to be further away, have a high resistance stat, or be behind a high wall. Obscured and other evasion stat modifiers should be effective against most other cadence types including melee which will have a greater chance of getting a glancing blow.
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