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    I love coffee...and Red Bull... and gingerbread cookies.... I program computers of all shapes and sizes. Soon I will create my video games and take over the world (in the games at least).
  1. Why isn't Moai SDK being used for this project? Using Moai SDK for Broken Age and the Amnesia Fortnight games probably gave you guys plenty of experience with the framework to evaluate it, so I'm just curious if DoubleFine has decided not to use this anymore?
  2. After reading most of this thread, maybe this game shouldn't even be made using people - maybe it should be using robots or aliens or something. (kidding) Nevertheless, maybe kids can be delivered by storks, wizards, or dragons - something outside the norm, especially if its going to go outside the norms of how kids arrived back in the time of kings and castles (i.e. before test-tube babies).
  3. I like Serpent's Tooth also. Nice. The graphics in this game look so nice though, and there may not be a serpent. Double Jeopardy, A to the second power could be nice (A squared) Otherwise I think they've accomplished building the unnameable game. No name even fits this thing! LOL
  4. Wait...there wasn't constant gunfire throughout the video? Um...I think I need to go hide somewhere for a bit. LOL Yeah, we better all go hide away - the sky is falling. (Literally in some parts of the world, eh?)
  5. This sidequest was good, but needed more explosions, gunfire and sound effects - I fell asleep twice watching it. Maybe it was the 20 hour work shifts I've been doing...
  6. Maybe you guys could auction off some of the original concept art for the REDS game or signed prints. Of course this is would be unprecedented - for a game that hasn't been released yet, but it might be a popular idea for those interested in the success of the project, and some awesome artwork.
  7. I love this game. Great design. I actually feel *scacred* at times playing it, hoping I can get out of the way and out of sight/earshot of the robots in this world. I wish robots I activate would be loyal to the guy who put them together, but otherwise, its still fun. Plus I feel like I haven't touched the surface of the game play possibilities since there's so much depth to how the robots can behave, as "programmed". Love that part. As soon as I'm finished with my own coding project, I'm going to spend alot more time with this game - I really hope it gets made into a full blown game! Wasn't there supposed to a vote/survey on this?
  8. I spent a lot of time with this game, but I am guessing there was some last minute changes to the AI that made it harder to play than in the AF videos. It seems that the characters get sick too often, there's not enough of them to make up for the ones that have died to get anything done before the next disaster/murder, etc. But who knows - maybe its my computer and how random numbers are being generated... Its sorta a fun game, but needs more balance - I probably spent a few hours trying to get a decent outcome - saving often and backing up the saved games, etc, but I guess I was hoping to have a game close to what was shown in the video, but could never quite get there for the reasons I posted here.
  9. Yeah, I wish people weren't on the list, if they were dead. Its too hard to manage the employment/morale issues if you can't see on the employment page if they're still alive (a diff color would be nice). Did you guys use a database or ever use databases in your games? That might make it easier to manage this stuff so its alot easier to provide these type of features/updates for the users. A character would represent a main record in a business application, and there's no way my boss would let me release an application without providing the user some sort of overall status of the record (active, archived, pending,updating, etc etc). If I were writing video games I'd do the same thing for everything and it would be a defacto standard across the board to provide this type of information easily, besides a skeleton laying in the hangar bay or hallway, LOL - that still shows up on the job roll. LOL
  10. Good idea - pre-orders on Steam! The idea of doubling the number of scenes that was mentioned doesn't sound like good logic, money-wise. They definitely need to scale back - suck it up and survive... Good point on the $300-$500 game - that's obviously NOT enough money to pay a developer and artist to do anything decent,much less pay themselves - I haven't seen these kickstarters, but they're obviously low balling the number they really need... they're in denial of how much time and money things really cost.
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