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  1. I only had this happen to me once. I actually finished all of Shay's story. I was still on Meriloft and I decided to see what would happen when I tried to select Shay after finishing the story. It simply rebooted Vela's story.
  2. Sold: yes. Available?: no. You can buy it on Steam now but the game won't install yet. Since I already got to play it, it seems exclusive to me.
  3. I just finished it myself. It was less than 4 hours. I tend to take my time by clicking through and trying everything. When I'm pretty confident I've figured out a solution, I save it for last. It was a very smooth play through and I never got stuck. Tim spoke about his concerns that people might be frustrated with getting out of Shay's "routine", but I never got hung up on it. I guess I was a little spoiled from the documentary and I made the connection at the beginning that I was going to have a never ending cycle to get out of. Minor spoiler warning: I felt like the original trailer kind of hinted the solution for me too (at least from my memory of it). I went through each of Shay's "missions" once only to see everything. Perhaps there was too much play testing to help steer inexperienced adventure gamers? Maybe Broken Age could benefit from two difficulty settings like in The Curse of Monkey Island. That way experienced players could still enjoy a challenge. I would have preferred more difficulty and more length, but it was an amazing game from start to end. Obviously, the story was extremely well done. After Vella met the DEG (I'm using a deliberately vague abbreviation), I thought I had it figured out but the ending was unexpected for me. Instantly, everything came together and I literally said out loud, "Holy sh**." By the way, I really, really appreciate the fact that the ending treats the audience like adults and allows us to make the connections ourselves! I'm so tired of Hollywood spoon-feeding the storyline. I hate when the climax arrives and the gratification of putting the pieces together is stolen with some condescending flashback. It's as if to say, "Hey guys, remember that one scene from earlier in the movie? Does the ending make sense now? How about we show this part too? Still can't get it? How about we have a character narrate the plot points for you?" Good example: Life of Pi. Also, I was actually surprised at how polished the game was. This looked and played much better than many other commercial games. The only bugs I experienced were rare graphical glitches (usually z-axis/overlay swapping). Pros: Incredible story, characters, and ending. It had just the right amount of comedy for this setting. Superb adventure. Fun and logical puzzles. Beautiful art; every single frame of every single scene was like a hand crafted piece of original art. Loved the animation; everything seemed so alive because there was so much detailed movement! Excellent voices, music, and sound. Cons: Wasn't challenging enough for my taste. I was hoping it would be a bit longer for the "first half". Overall: Amazing experience. I loved every minute. Maybe I'm bias but I honestly think it deserves around a 9.5+ out of 10. Thanks Double Fine!
  4. Quick question for other Slacker Backers... I paid $30, but my Humble Bundle link says: Is it the same for other slackers? I have access to the documentary, so I thought the $30 Slacker Backer tier it was the same as the $30 Kickstarter tier. I guess I don't get the soundtracks? I really wish I could have upped my pledge. I really want a physical box.
  5. Purge it all! Nothing is more important. Kids, family, friends... it all has to go. I'm just making a note of my wife's name for future reference after I've forgotten it.
  6. Why couldn't you have been born sooner? Everyone had to wait because of you!
  7. Yeah, as a slacker backer myself, I did not get any E-mails with the update. I only happened to check the forum and noticed the new sticky. It's not even posted on the update page: http://www.doublefine.com/dfa
  8. I backed near the end of 2012, so I do not remember either. I'm nearly positive I didn't have any options for additional rewards or I absolutely would have gotten them. Unfortunately, I simply didn't know about the Kickstarter campaign until after it was over.
  9. By the way, is there any way to upgrade a pledge? I'm a slacker backer. I'd love to have pledged for the special edition box if it's not too late.
  10. I can barely contain myself. It's nearly party time, guys. Edit: I can agree. The backgrounds were good. Yet, I was so annoyed by the ridiculous character design, that I almost didn't want it. I thought Telltale did an okay job of updating and stylizing the characters. Certainly not with the Special Editions. Their remake cover art was down right insulting and embarrassing to Steve Purcell. It's as if the art team was made up of student interns with no knowledge/love for the series.
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