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  1. I had no idea , I even thought that the space ship that has crashed and dead eyed god was shay. It was total surprise for me. It shows how much i have missed good story telling in a game. Thanks Tim, thank you for delivering it.
  2. I am not sure if there is a minimum amount to get in the credit. if there is than it is totaly normal that i am not in
  3. First of all thanks for giving this gaming experience back to us. And i have a question about cretis, i have been a backer since i have heard the project but the odd thing is I didnt see my name in credits or I didnt see it in the kick starter My backed projects list. Is this something you guys have come across ? Thanks in advance.
  4. Everything was fine until i got to the first defend quest. Nothing attacks or the headbangers come to defend. I put up 2 merch booths and nothing else happens Any one had an issue at this point ?
  5. Just wanted to say thank you for bringing this game to PC. I bought PS3 just for this game. I only hope the textures will be PC quality Thanks again.
  6. Very neat looking game I think i am gonna love it Thumbs up for those who are here from chat
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