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  1. Ok, had some spare time to play. Got into the ship and met Mom. For that second puzzle, how were the teeth a clue about Shay's first shoes? Also the dialogue between Vella and Mom started to break the game immersion for me, as Mom went from doubtful to convinced. Next puzzle, leave the room, ok, this looks complicated.
  2. Hmm, so tempting. Ok, looking for a yes or no type answer. For the wannabe mayor, I presume a thing is needed to remove whistle. It's not that you have to click on him in 'the right way' to deliver force the whistle out?
  3. Don't spoil me ! Ok, so the act one run through is done, memory refreshed, extra details noticed. So Act one moderately difficult in places, as I don't have much experience with adventure games. The first time had to play for an hour, get stuck and try again the next day with a fresh perspective. But anyway, no online cheats consulted, personal achievement unlocked! Warning, random musing. For act two was able to get the rad suit made and the hull patch fluid mixed, but it seems I've exhausted most of the conversation trees for shay. Probably have to get the ladder which has a note from Gus, to rescue Jack Black, I mean his highness. So maybe get Guss to talk to Mggie, to get the ladder. Which would then give me the thrust unit and a hook to give to Carol to get the wire. But you generally don't get the two items from the same puzzle. So they are maybe two separate puzzles. Spent ages on Vella's first puzzle. Saw the thread title for taking notes, so drew out the broken tubes and tested all the configurations until I noticed the bit I missed. Will probably have to solve more of Vella's puzzles first, to solve Shays. So yeah, it maybe a few months to figure it all out.
  4. It took me around 5 hours the first time and around 2 hours the third time. Tried to play act two cold, but was forgetting small details. It was great to notice lots of details that made more sense now. And stuff like, the grandfather is on Vella's maternal side and her grandmother is on her paternal side that has no bearing on the first act but shows how well the world was fleshed out. Missed some of the achievements for the voices and perfect rescue. May do another pass to get them later.
  5. Another +1 from me, at the moment I try and speed click through all the options to get to the fun battles.
  6. Cradles and seedlings Seedlings always becoming cradles when three are in proximity makes them less of a threat. Since firstly they loose a chance to attack and then can only attack once or twice, becoming less of a threat. So being swamped by seedlings, as the MC warns us about never really happens. It would be better if there was a ratio of say four seedlings to a cradle and they work as a team to lock down the hero's movement, while the cradle provides artillery support.
  7. Stun slam would defiantly be a better choice if you do it after a second move since during the cadence attack they tend to move further apart, to suit their style of distance or melee combat. The best time to get them together is when they haven't spotted the heroes yet, which is when I most want to use stun slam to rush in, with my hunters/alchemist pilling in ordnance.
  8. I agree with your points, it's worth having one alchemist in a fight as a general purpose backup. A few people have mentioned healing, so I think I'm missing something. There is the research for health vials, which every hero gets, but just one. They can't be researched again. Is there another way to heal?
  9. It doesn't make sense to me that bees can damage the Chalice, since it is not organic. While I did well in the fights up to year 300, I didn't have a single child graduate at level 10, since I tended to keep my best fighters in the battle and use cover to overwhelm a limited number of cadence. My predisposition is to share the kills over the whole team, which is not a long term strategy. Once I saw that we would go through ancestors, I realised I was screwed from very early in the fight and lost heart. Many of the seedlings became cradles and when gathered around the Chalice couldn't really do much since they can't attack it directly. So I ended up leaving them their and going after the bigger threats. Another thing I wondered is why do direct bloodlines have to be the only option, since the heroes roster is full of alive people at a higher strength who would be much more effective to tag in if a bloodline runs out. Edit: OK I tried the second battle again and did much better with more focused attacks and using the caberjack's rage to take out multiple targets. However after a lapse took away a level, I still had to click the last upgrade/talent, which I didn't always do. It would be nice at the end of a turn to have the option to do the upgrade then, or be prompted at the start of the turn to pick an option. With the last and first ones, I think the option should be picked for you. Now at the final level all the waves have been beaten, no more are came in until the game restarted. Then when the Chalice was on 0HP, the game didn't do anything. The camera still moves around, but that's it. Not even the esc key. Also a wrinkler stuck in a wall.
  10. So I log back in today and my old saves are back, but my new game from yesterday is gone. MC giveth and MC taketh away.
  11. I had finally got myself to the last battle and stopped playing last night at the start. So I, all excited sit down to face the grand finale, MC updates and all my saves are gone. Khhannnnnn!!!
  12. Hunters are the key. Use their stealth ability to find hidden units. Focus on getting one to level up so that it can do a follow through attack, which can take down its HP. Otherwise with two caberjacks hit a bulwark with a normal attack, then after it shells up, hit it for a stunning attack. For the next round switch roles. Alchemists are very meh imo, mostly handy in later years to kill seedlings with their melee attack in later years while the hunters and caberjacks go after the big guys. Divide and conquer is your friend, move in a loose mob, but watch for lines that bulwarks can move to and hit multiple units. Hunters should be at the front. Or move near cover, because the monster might not see you and only as far as the orange line. Spot an enemy or two and attack by only moving into known territory. When pairing up couple I mostly go for high fertility because their is a multitude of bad traits, as you have learned you need the numbers to stay in the game. As another post has mentioned many crucibles boast the xp curve and can mitigate some of the negative traits over time.
  13. Another way might be give more xp at the end for participating with a kill on top of the scenario xp. Or that morale is lowered if for the team players if they didn't contribute to the fight, for e.g. didn't give any damage.
  14. Your link didn't work http://www.twitch.tv/hatchxxii
  15. Why do we have to manually pick the first specialization. It gets a bit repetitive when there are lots of children. Can we be prompted for the second choice and after.
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