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  1. It might not be the drivers or the game. It could be that your hardware is just too slow. The Intel integrated graphics chips are not known for their performance. You likely will have to run at reduced resolution to be able to run that game properly. A few things that have a slight chance of increasing your speed are as follows: Make sure your Integrated Graphics buffer and GART are set to at least 256MB each (if you have enough memory to do this.) This way your have enough video memory for both your desktop and your game. I use a 2GB dedicated memory block and a 2GB GART on my AMD A4 desktop. This reduces issues with memory thrashing in games, thus dramatically speeding them up. When you have low video RAM speed, also having low video memory will result in massive bottlenecks.
  2. Have you tried opening up the control options window, resetting the controls, and then closing? This happened to me before, and that fixed it.
  3. Yes, they would take longer to be loaded for playback from the menu. However, it still could be done. You just have to load the graphic assets for the particular area of the game. The problem comes when you want to play them in-game, where you have to load the cut-scene, then reload the world. (If video memory isn't sufficient to hold both, which it isn't on the Wii, but I'm not sure about the Wii U.)
  4. As of another thought. For a texture patch, simply open-sourcing the old engine (or it's packing and unpacking tools) could allow fans to build a texture patch. However, I'm not sure how mod-friendly the engine is, as it may not simply accept an adapted resource package to allow for loading a second resource package with high-res textures. Higher quality models would be more difficult, as they require more community effort (and debugging). I've seen community made total makeovers include them, but only on a rare occasion. Considering that the only models that really could use improvement to take advantage of modern hardware, are the environments, I doubt it's really needed. As of a more commercially viable remake in the short-term, I've heard people clamering for an Android and iPhone/iPad version. There would be reason to improve texture resolution for such a platform, which could be backported if designed properly, but I don't think we can see any real increase in model LOD on those platforms. However, other than a handful of spots, model LOD isn't that bad.
  5. I happen to have read at the Steam forums that some people ran into issues with the save file migration on a recent update not working properly. You probably should look over there for information on that.
  6. I really don't see why not. The Wii could even run it, so they wouldn't even need to develop specifically for the Wii U. There is a little bit of difficulty converting from Direct-X to the GX shader language used in the Wii and Wii U. (I think Nintendo ships an OpenGL converter, but not a Direct X converter, so the same issues with the Mac and Linux versions would have to be resolved first.) However, they may want to change the cut-scenes from pre-rendered to real time rendered, as that could cut the size of the download, and reduce the known issues with pre-rendered cut-scenes showing up badly on the Wii. Redoing the encoding on voice and music to use a newer version of the Vorbis protocol might also help improve package size.
  7. The main things that need to be addressed is changing the shaders to work better on modern graphics chips (and in mobile). Also, using modern landscape cell-division techniques to eliminate loading screens. Finally, they could change the pre-rendered cut scenes into real-time rendered. After reworking the engine to add these things, the same engine could be used for a second game in the franchise (and other DoubleFine games, minus the ability to recycle textures and models.)
  8. From what I hear the Steam Box is going to be running a Linux based core.
  9. I really wish they would release Sam and Max: Hit the Road on Good Old Games. I'm sure it would sell quite well.
  10. Valve didn't publish them. They just put in a placeholder for it. Look in the directory after you installed it, it's empty other than your config files imported from the Windows version. As a note, I've never experienced Lag of any sort with the Linux version. It must be something with your install. (What's the exact issue? Lag is a rather broad term.) Are you sure it's not an issue with your OpenGL system, because all the bug fixes in the world would not fix that. You can check with GLMark2. Depending on what settings you want to run, you need a score between 250-1000. Generally the higher the better. The only issues I've experienced with the Linux version is the flickering textures in the latest version, and some crashing. The other two issues I experienced that are related to performance don't seem to be specific to the Linux version, as they also happen under Wine. However, they may have to do with running the game under OpenGL, as Wine uses real-time Direct3D to OpenGL conversion I have experienced a tiny bit framerate drop-off when running between the Lodge and the parking lot, but I experience that issue in Wine as well, so it's not Linux specific, so it must be specific to the PC version. I also have issues with frame-rate drops from the water textures in the river. This too also occurred in wine, so I don't think it's Linux specific, even though it might have something to do with the conversion of the textures to OpenGL, and thus, may be fixable in the Linux version.
  11. The biggest advantage would be the ability of the community to fix many of the bugs. The other advantage is that the community could easily create certain data enhancement sets such as replacement modern textures and shaders like they have on the open-source FreeSpace, Decent and Lugaru HD projects
  12. I would see the Brutal Legend PC Port being made for some special re-release edition. Hopefully with enhanced graphics and features. I'd like to see a similar enhanced re-release of Psychonauts cross platform as well. (For Psychonauts I'd specifically like to see seamless unified over-world, improved textures/shaders/models, and in-engine rendered cut scenes.) These days it wouldn't be too hard to make cross platform releases of these games including mobile, although adding seamless worlds in mobile may be a little harder. (Distance-loaded zoning could pull it off, so long as the player's SD card is fast enough to handle the stream. It shouldn't be an issue so long as the player has at least a class 4 SD card.) Back on subject though, I'd love to see Middle Management of Justice for Android. For some advice Games on Android have traditionally performed better for with games that have both the option of a reasonably-priced ad-free versions and a free ad-paid version. Of course, you should make sure to put in a means to transfer data from the ad-paid version to the ad-free version or you will end up with angry customers. (My preferred method to do this is to simply create a game-data export intent for the game binary. This can also be used to allow future games to integrate with the current one.)
  13. I noticed the texture flickering issue that was also noticed in mac is also present in the latest Linux port. Any chance of fixing this sometime soon?
  14. I noticed that a beta version is now available on Steam Linux Beta, but it is a private beta and password protected. I'd be willing to test it. I'm not too picky. In the mean time I will continue using Wine, as I like the steam achievements (and I'm beta testing Crossover Office 12 anyways.)
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