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  1. Wordfeud, Ruzzle and Quizzkampen. Yeah, it's holidays time, I'm not at my computer...
  2. I think Battleborn is more of a game for the "MOBA" (I hate that term, Jedi Academy or Clay Fighter or many other games that are not part of the intended game type fits that description of the genre) fans and Overwatch is more a game for the fast objective based team shooter fans.
  3. Ex Machina (2015): An AI/robot film which is quite well done, though there are a lot of small things in it that feel wrong and technically doesn't make sense. The entire setup should have been more disconcerting to the protagonist and there are plenty of plot point that feel broken, but over all it's not a bad movie.
  4. Lockout (2012): This was a not great but still enjoyable romp, largely powered by the main character and the first daughter. If you have any insight into both electric and physical prison security, if you know anything medical, and if you have any idea how space and physics actually works, you'll also find it has a reasonable mockability as it's got things like vacuum flash freezing, sending fighting planes to do the work of bombers, missiles or simply the prison falling into the atmosphere, totally broken security concerns, and anything medical in it at all.
  5. I'm very sceptical about SEGA maintaining the quality and production that ATLUS has maintained. On the other hand, better bought alive than bankrupt dead.
  6. It's a natural consequence of them doing multiple overlapping bundles in multiple categories as well as having a store (actually multiple) with their own sales, and not taking their sweat time between some really good indie bundles like how they started out...
  7. Well, I've been playing a varied amount of stuff lately. Last two weeks I've played, in no particular order: Hearthstone, Kemet, TIS-100, Terra Mystica, Factorio, Five Tribes, DoTT remaster yesterday (which locked up at the judging of the beauty contest, so I had to stop without being able to complete the game... I'll try again later, and save sometimes while doing it), Small World 6 player map, FTL, secret hitler on tabletop simulator (7 player game), big pharma.
  8. Podcasts

    Have to give a thumb up for Radiolab there, SnyderMahler. That podcast has a production quality that blows everything else out of the water.
  9. You'll excuse me, I'm in the middle of fifteen things, all of them annoying.
  10. I've graduated from SpaceChem and Infinifactory, via Human Resource Machine and TIS-100, to console NASM/YASM and Win64...
  11. According to the search field in Firefox, "ASM x64 Writefile writing a null character to file"
  12. Syzygy - This is THE winning 6 letter hangman word in English. By the time people realise that the vowel in it is Y, they've already hung themselves.
  13. Style is not fidelity. The Witness is probably the lowest fidelity of those games, despite how new it is, and I'd say the Vanishing of Ethan Carter is the highest fidelity, despite being the oldest one. But I'd expect them all to be about the same in terms of system demands.