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  1. Kiln does its multiplayer via steam, so steam keys seem like a fairly safe bet.
  2. Daily Documentary Delays

    Here's Tim & Levi talking about the value of opening with some positive feedback rather than just leading with criticism during the 2012 AF Doc: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gbSJPTkq0z8&t=148 (I mostly link this because immediately preceding the discussion is one of my all time favourite AF moments, where Levi compares leading his team to his past job as a swimming instructor).
  3. Daily Documentary Delays

    I'm keen to see the docs too (they're my favourite part of AF), but to me day 4 is the first of this years videos which felt like Amnesia Fortnight from 2012 and 2014. Maybe the editing process is clicking better now, maybe going back to the longer format gives the whole thing more room to breathe, or maybe it's a product of my own fevered imagination, but I welcome it and I'm perfectly willing to wait if it means we get a better experience when we watch.
  4. Voting closed three hours ago I'm afraid. You can watch the results announcement stream here:
  5. I'd love to see this one get chosen - it'd be really interesting to watch a board game being prototyped. Are there any existing board games that your game would be mechanically similar to or draw inspiration from? The combination of cards in the pitch vid an emphasis on communication conjures up games along the lines of Dixit and Mysterium, but I could be way off base.
  6. Mega Flora (Michael Tucker)

    This could be really cool
  7. Dr Human Great Job (Silvio Terra)

    I really like this idea - it seems like the kind of thing Double Fine could make into a genuinely charming game.
  8. This sounds really cool. Will catching the fastest bunnies always be the best strategy, or will doing that lead to armour plated bunnies, or poisonous ones?
  9. Jacinda (Jeremy Natividad)

    Agreed - this sounds like a great game for the switch.
  10. Oh wow, I hadn't even considered that it might be a physical board game - that would be cool, and the prototypes could be distributed as print & play.
  11. Headlander was actually one of the AF 2014 pitches - you can watch the original pitch here: So clearly there's still hope if your favourite pitch this year doesn't get chosen
  12. Fantastic news - I love everything about amnesia fortnight, really looking forward to seeing this year's pitches.
  13. Spacebase DF-9 Release

    I just dropped by to say thanks for this - I was definitely feeling a little burned by DF-9, and I very much appreciate DF doing what they can to make it right.
  14. Personal Preference Predicted winners Dear Leader Dear Leader Breach What Could Go Wrong? Project 行 Steed
  15. Ward has some fun ideas - both Cupid and Pink best buds are games I'd be excited to play, but the DF team really brought it this year - they pitched a staggering number of really strong ideas, and I agree that purely on the strength of the pitch videos there're a lot of concepts I'd personally be more excited to see made into prototypes. But we can't let the perfect be the enemy of the good, and having watched the pitches I'm confident that even if nothing I vote for gets selected it'll be fun watching DF make these prototypes and they'll produce something interesting at the end of it.