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  1. No, sorry, I take it back. He's right; those two rows are fine the way they are. I had screwed up and made things harder for myself. The errors he officially acknowledged are the only ones.
  2. There is in fact a third error. The adjacent rows 1311111 and 131111 need to be swapped. But I am super-proud to report that after, uh, 6 hours, I solved the unintended meta-puzzle of what the errors were AND solved the puzzle anyway. (The former was many times harder than the latter!) I am "clearly very clever"! Am I the first? Does this mean I get a you-know-what? Thanks, Brandon and company, for a fun (if insufficiently proofread) puzzle.
  3. That missing column was so easy to supply that I figured it was intentionally removed to foil auto-solving - it happens to be exactly the one column that is completely predetermined by the format. But I'm pretty sure there is another error in the data, and a much harder one to fix. Is this also unintentional? Brandon, can you take a quick look and see whether there isn't a 3 that ought to be a 2? That, at least, is what I deduced after many hours, thinking I was besting a deliberately nasty puzzle. (The idea being that I, like a QR scanner, had to be able to handle some corrupt input.) Once I changed a certain 3 to a 2, it became solvable. Of course, "solvable" is a relative term. I'm now crawling through the ins and outs of hand-decoding a QR, which, guess what, is extremely convoluted. I sure hope THIS is what the puzzlemaster had in mind.
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