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  1. For me, the borderless windowed fullscreen is ALMOST right, but it's definitely off by a small but significant amount, making it annoying trying to "hit" the right small object. I've chosen the wrong conversation option quite a few times.
  2. I can confirm the same issue on Windows 8 laptop. I can maximize the windowed screen, but that loses some of the immersion. I hope that you get touchscreens working soon as I think those will work great with this game. Much better "feeling" when you're touching the item directly.
  3. It can be difficult, but that is one of the reasons that the reward is so very satisfying. I'd advise you give it another try and really take all the hints to heart.
  4. No, there hasn't been an update, but I hate using the steam executable. It's so much slower to start for me.
  5. This is beautiful. It brings a tear to my eye. One of my favorite Christmas presents this year. I'm going to have to look through this and check it out.
  6. I've been using the humble zip. I have both early versions, but I'll probably start using the data files from the steam version and the executables from the humble zip. If they're different.
  7. I can confirm 100% that this fixed all of these issues and more that I didn't specify but saw anyway. Aha. Thanks! I actually had the fix locally but now I see that it fixes a larger class of problems than I originally thought. Watch this: I'm going to push a fix to Steam and it's going to be SO FAST. Edit: BAM. Edit2: The problem was that the absence of packages in package.loaded wasn't being persisted properly. In this case, when you made your first savegame, package.loaded.GameState = nil. After talking to the genie for the first time, it became non-nil. After loading, it should have (but did not) become nil again. The package system is one of those nooks-and-crannies that requires a bit of special care when checkpointing. Edit3: Just fixed the NaN bug; that was a pluto problem.
  8. Maybe saving a diff works best? Then you should be able to apply this against anything. Actually. Even better! Make it a diff AND a minigame where you have to ensure it gets rejoined properly. That way if any files change you still get all the benefits but you have to make sure it lines up correctly on your own.
  9. Done from a fresh Steam install. Checked twice to verify repeatability: Play normally until "secret path" to dungeon. Save. Enter and talk to genie. Load. Go back to talk to genie: He says "Have you found the book yet?" still have wizard note! Play normally until throne room, save before entering library. Enter library and pick up hourglass. Load save. Enter library. No hourglass in inventory or on floor. Play through normally until library. Save in hourglass room. Enter flame room, enter stacks. Load. Enter flame room again, can't enter stacks! Thats all the bugs I can hit in one playthrough. If you need more, I can give you them. All these bugs seem to rely on global variables to store the current game state. Essentially they come about when you save before entering the room they're affected by.
  10. Yeah, we've been trying to use the saveload in scripts. I've actually tried using the saveload (which we can decompile) in common to try to figure out manually whats in the one in scripts, but it's been hard going and ultimately futile. Since it saves everything why are these global variable issues popping up? The game acts like the globals either aren't saving or aren't loading properly. I can give examples and test cases if you need them.
  11. You also need to flip the switch in the glyph room to be able to read English.
  12. If you get “The decryption ritual is now complete” you have decrypted it. You can then read the book by pressing the number next to it. And use space bar to go through the pages.
  13. Yes, to make it fully perfect there would be a LOT of work. I'm more interested in getting this prototype to "alpha" level. Mainly to convince DF to dedicate resources to complete it.
  14. I'm not so sure it's quite that complex. Obviously they have a mostly working save system. It seems to work on everything except for global variables. This could be used to our advantage. If we can hijack the pickled data they've already created and save it and all globals to a file... But thats what I'm working on. Unfortunately I've run into the same problem as you when trying to decompile the saveload. I might just manually go through it and see what I can find out.
  15. I've been working on a global save, but it's hard going. You might try looking at all the hidden hints. But know this: there are no in game clues as to which key you need. If you get too frustrated following the clues just PM me and I can help.
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