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  1. i can t pick only one! i might eat more that one flavor simultaneously!!
  2. T-Shirt poll!

    bad spoon! is my option, but have sense for who have payed the game i think
  3. Like some, i m sad... no Breach, no Xing, no Eras... in AF2012, one more project was added, any change this year? the final number of votes for each project (or the last ten)?, I'm really curious About...
  4. brilliant I did not expect more of these thanks : D
  5. Why was Will Wright under the special thanks part? I don't under stand. I also would like to know!
  6. Soundtrack

    Noup... but i get some here... http://www.polygon.com/2014/1/17/5318754/broken-age-score-peter-mcconnell-release-date
  7. Soundtrack

    Any option to get the soundtrack to the slackers? Steam upgrade or BandCamp (i prefer this)? I love this music, i love the music in general but Peter this time go a Step ahead in me. Thanks.
  8. Ouch! =( Sorry for you, hope you can get this sorted with DF/Steam/HB and at least your friend lets you play it while this is being sorted. Maybe Steam Family Sharing will work? (although it did not work for Wasteland 2) Thanks for the empathy guys! I'll try to see it as an exercise in patience After all, there are so many bigger problems in the world. I just learned today that the food produced atm would be enough to feed the entire world. Isn't that crazy? Go Again to the link that HB give to you were you redeem the key, look!, there is a option to unlink the game (i think)
  9. Wonderful trailer! and very emotional music, directly to the bones.
  10. Great news... thanks for the update & good luck with those bugs.
  11. Amazing music, great composer genius. It would be great to hear more, i am hunger now
  12. never too late for ADVENTURE! Question

    Yes, in part that is the question (sorry for having exposed strange that way) Thank you.
  13. WHAT YOU GET or I can Get Download of the finished game, DRM free, on PC, Mac, or Linux Steam code for the finished game on PC or Mac Access to the PC/Mac Beta on Steam HD streaming versions of the documentary series : only STREAMING? Private backer forum access for development updates Thanks!
  14. was totally blank on this project, but when I started running it last night ... woooow said ... this is going better and better. Total and gladly surprised
  15. mogwai

    thankz for the recomendation... and for your game.