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  1. Costume Quest Crashing [MAC]

    Wow. You guys are awesome. Please keep me posted. Would it be easier for her to upgrade her OS? She's been debating doing it for awhile.
  2. Costume Quest Crashing [MAC]

    What video card is she using? Probably an Intel HD 3000 or 4000? Also, is she running Lion (10.7.x) or Mountain Lion (10.8.x)? An HD 3000 and 10.7.5
  3. Feel free to add me. I have a couple spaces open on the FL. I'd like to reach level 50 on settlement at some point. GT is the same as my user name. On in the evening EST. Still love playing this game!
  4. Costume Quest Crashing [MAC]

    Posting this for my fiancee. She recently picked up the humble bundle and is running a macbook pro with the latest OS updates. She's running into an issue with weird blue artifacting in both costume quest and stacking, but not for brutal legend. Any ideas on this? I'm not a huge Mac guy, so I'm at a loss. Can someone point me in the right direction? Is there any information you need from me?